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  1. About the tweet from Brown. People have struggles in life. Sometimes a change of heart happens. I would hope it would happen in this case. Before we take this tweet to far and have it all over the media let's consider what this young man may be dealing with. Treat it as if it were your Son..
  2. Newton played their toughest opponent of the season Friday. Thanks to a Strong defense Newton survived. A true Champion shows up when it's time. The last drive showed Newton is a True Champion. If it were not for Newton I believe EB would be your State Champion. Going with JJ Tiger 1995 on his prediction. Newton over Canadian Big !!
  3. JJ my emo was the laughing guy.. I don't know who putting them poo poo piles on ur post.. I know it wasn't you who wanted to bet..
  4. It could have been worse you know.. It wont be next year or the next or the next or the next lmao..Newton on a run for a few more years.
  5. JJ Did you make the Dfield vs Newton game.? Some fellow owes me a grand. He say he take Dfield and 30. Was dat you JJ ? lmao
  6. Newton leaves no doubt about who is # 1.. Newton by a bunch. 65+
  7. Better oil them doors on that yellow bus . That score Newton fixing put up on yall make you wanna leave scene fast. lmao
  8. No... I know some of the Dfield guys have to read a few times before it (might) register . Lmao
  9. Was ...key word (WAS) There you go digging in skeletons . Has been.. Was.. What is you Now.. 2018.. ?Answer.. About to go to da house and play round ball.
  10. Newton will makeup for it Fri CC09.. Newton gonna add a couple extra scores above their normal.
  11. Troup would most likely would beat Dfield. Do the math.. where does that road lead you.
  12. Watched the Harmony vs Dfield game.. Dfield better come up with some defense or they will get embarrassed.
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