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  1. Congrats Mudducks.... go get that ring fellas!!!!
  2. As much as this makes me sick at my stomach.... good luck to those mudducks from Tadum
  3. I was way off!!! Franklin was tough...
  4. Canadian will win by 30+ .... Been watching both teams highlights today and those boys are on another level
  5. Yet our secondary is still dumpster juice
  6. Pollard for a big TD!!! Come on Defense
  7. Our game plan worked against them. It didn't against waskom tho lol
  8. Honestly after last night its a toss up. They are finally healthy and running the rock with authority. Their Defense held an outstanding run team and forces their hand in the 2nd. Yalls d will struggle against their run honestly. I seen the hs game. Your qb will be the difference. He'll have to have his best game to date. If yall spread em out early and throw on pp then yall will win by 10. If yall try and run most of the night. Yall lose by 7
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