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  1. I really figured they'd have some beef up front but lacked size there. Didn't pay much attention to their Secodary because we were running at will most of the night.
  2. Thats just an honest excuse lol yall adjusted and stopped our run game. We could.t pass. Couldn't catch when it did hit them in the hands. Couldn't stop yalls O at all in the 2md half. There is that better @Crawford
  3. Congrats Center. Hell of a game. Depth killed us
  4. Come on Blue!!!! Hell of a fight. Let's finish
  5. A mustang that hates on a mustang needs to be hanged like the old days js
  6. You a damn lie and you know it bro. Quit with the bashing because your kid don't get no pt. Stop the madness. Next time you want to quote something that I said. Quote it to me.
  7. QB1 is out this week. Should be back by district opener against whos springs
  8. Heard they quit cause they got moved to jv because they wasn't doin their job
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