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  1. This is awesome to see... Im happy for the Red team. They came to freaking play!!!!
  2. Harmony has good size up front. They use it well in the offense they run. They can wear you down and bust a big play. Ive seen it. That being said. Ive also seen the Figs. This could be a battle but honestly I see Newton winning by 40+ if they're not on a hangover from the dawg fight last week. I will be watching this one closely
  3. Taking the Bobcats. Theyre the only team that I see that can knock off Timpson
  4. Come on sweets.... Timpson rolls in this one. Its all about matchups remember that part
  5. None here. They won. We lost. Im sure there's a million headed here in about 2 hours when a few folks make the drive home
  6. Tough loss. Congratulations to the Figs. Yalls D stood up at the end. Go fig em
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