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  1. Should be interesting early on.....
  2. Please do that. The kids and your community need something to shake. I'd hate for yall to have 2 OhFfers B2B
  3. Go get it Gilmer!!!! We're cheering you on from Daingerfield!!!!!
  4. Goodness Gracious Timpson!!!!! Wow this is impressive
  5. Whos crying besides you? We're ok here in lil ole Daingerfield man. Refs had absolutely nothing to do with yall losing. We caused that. Be salty until this time next year when we bounce yalls TobinFrost right back to the hardwood floors
  6. Congrats Tide. No hate here. Yall handled your business. Hell of a ball club yall have. Good luck the rest of the way. Ill take my Crow raw with nacho cheese and hot sauce
  7. I'll let you know when. You know us. We may need a new bus or something and it get used elsewhere
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