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  1. Dfield should have the edge imo with what we're returning. The 2 im concerned with both have new coaches so it may take them a year or so to get going
  2. That was our freshman that yall got past #14. Our whole secondary was on the bench on that play lol
  3. Pittsburg is on Carthage schedule by the Pitt schedule in pre district
  4. And we'll send yall home with an L again.... mark that down
  5. I don't see waskom being at 2. I see EF at that spot with harmony, waskom, and Hs fighting for 3rd and 4th
  6. Reg 3 Dist 11 Harmony, Daingerfield, New Diana, Elysian Fields, Hughes Springs, Queen City, Waskom
  7. Honestly Gunter could have a dozen more false starts. They lean to early
  8. Gunter keeps going at #6 the CB from Franklin. Thats the only success they've had in the passing game.
  9. Atleast the 1st half was close. Shiner should roll on easily in the 2nd. Theyre built different
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