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  1. We don't buy or sale wolf tickets. We're here to issue an TobinFrost whoopin on them domestic kitties from the border. Period
  2. Yall Garrison folks and anything you say are as irrelevant as your chances in the playoffs now, which is 0
  3. I expected Shiner to win but I thought the bobcats would put up a fight... geeeez
  4. This time tomorrow itll be halftime and I'll be full on cheese fries and to make it even better my Tigers will be up by 18 at half. Then we will come out in the slot t for the 2nd half and run The clock Yall should be on 59 by 915 Tigers roll 38-30
  5. Thats my homie and he'll be sitting right next to me watching them Blue Tigers beat the was outta waskom. They'll be know as just Kom Katz
  6. Always like how Pax runs the numbers. Hes a stat guru for sure.
  7. You've drawn the best straw outta the administration getting to follow all our threads this year. Its not quite over yet tho. Do what you do best and just stay retired
  8. Lol old man sure have missed seeing you on here. Maybe next year when we're in district we can run it back lol
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