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  1. You sure? Who stands in our way besides ourselves? Yall are about as much of a threat as wet rust. Not worried about yall but I see youre definitely hoping someone knocks us off because we both know yall aint ready for what we got lmao
  2. Gunter is a force. Timpson would keep it close early but the Tigers would pull away mid 3rd and win by 28 just my opinion
  3. Bro.... yall better not lose to these guys
  4. Ain't you got some toilets to clean? Trash to take out? Vomit to clean up?
  5. We holding them Ls strong. That doesn't change the fact we'd bully yall scrubs
  6. Our run defense and our SPECIAL TEAMS have to get fixed over the next few weeks. The tough part is over schedule wise. We got to bounce back and we definitely need to get healthy.
  7. Tough loss against Center. Depth kicked our TobinFrost and poor tackling smdh... center was better than us for sure tonight. Ready for the bye week because we definitely need it after how many we lost tonight. Congratulations to Center. They got a salty squad
  8. 1st and 2nd rbs are out since halfway thru the 1st quarter. We are having a hard time stopping this rb between the tackles.
  9. Yeah I heard. He didn't want that smoke last year lmao
  10. Where's my adopted lil sister for this thread? Nikki? Come see
  11. 12 hours and counting. Been a busy week. Not much to talk about this week leading up to this game.. Tigers bounce back and get a much needed dub headed into the bye
  12. Its not who. Its by how much yall win by... js
  13. As much as he follows our threads he should have it auto programmed in by now
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