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  1. I will give myself a vacation. I hear ya stangs. Good luck 2 ya.
  2. They can like you I don't give a hoot if they like me I don't get on jock straps.
  3. They can like you I don't give a hoot if they like me I don't get on jock straps.
  4. I'm all for the kids too was just playing around like the rest and they get bent out of shape. Hsftbfan4life it's all good don't need this stuff anyway 2 many feelings I reckon. I'm out yall have fun.
  5. Dude you have no clue. Go back and look you commented on his post talking poop way b4 I did. Yes I'm as bad as I need to be. You comment on all their poop. You didn't even play football punk.
  6. ETF not even sure what you talking about you must not have seen them bring it up again. Don't front me out punk you do plenty to make yourself look bad don't need my help. Zip your trap about me. Won't mention another thing leave me out of your mouth though.
  7. Lol you funny little man...Not spinning anything of course said nothing about snaps in the other games haven't had any! You will be humiliated AGAIN at home and then you should have a clear picture of where DF has improved and HS has digressed since week 1! White Oak, Jefferson, Redwater and New Boston are better than y'all IN YOUR DISTRICT! Let's not talk about division 2 teams like Arp and Garrison that both beat the brakes off of HS!
  8. Ok horns too lame for me I will leave you alone....One last time though WO wins BIG!! Later
  9. Just told them we have some not what they were bro...secret still in the bag til we turn them Tigers loose..
  10. It's DF DA...I understand the silence you don't like crow I reckon..
  11. You love to be center of attention horns..
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