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  1. Come on....even though there was much too much trash talk between you guys and some of ours, we always root for our northern kinfolk when we ain't playing each other! Good luck Brahmas this week. And then go give Newton all they want!
  2. Lol. Nope, not all in my feelings. Haha! Just wondering why you would spend your adult life trying to be funny and you are not.
  3. They beat Pitt and Pitt has throttled Atlanta the last couple years! Im picking Jefferson to get over the hump this week They are definitely very athletic Even more than the past and more than Atlanta this year Those of you guys that pick Atlanta because they are battle tested, you may be right, that's definitely an advantage I just think Jefferson is getting it together finally. I could be wrong, we will see. Good luck to both teams on their playoff runs!
  4. Gotcha. Stirring the pot can fun, I understand, but there are some good people in Dfield just like Omeehaw and even a couple in Naples.
  5. Nature Boy, you might want to worry about EF this week instead of us and Waskom.
  6. Mule, what has been wrong with Redwater so far?
  7. Don't overlook Paris! Id love to see this one.
  8. I thInk our Tigers will win. Just going to wait to predict the score. Don't have a great feel for this one yet. We've never played there, but I've heard many people say it's tough. Kinda like being down 7 when you cross the Red River. Lol.
  9. I think Gilmer will rally the troops, but the Figs pull it out in athletic ability. 35-28 Figs
  10. uuhhggg. Whatever Jeff wants it to be.
  11. Should be a close one. May be over in an hour. 28-22 MV
  12. Good job Gladewater. We knew you guys were tough when we scrimmaged you. Keep it rolling.
  13. Really? i wasn't even remotely talking to or about you and what you want to talk about. I've just seen multiple people and posts talking about EF, Waskom, PP and even Newton. Geez, we've only won one game and it was against a team that is struggling mightily. So, IMO, the boys and coaches need to focus on DeKalb. But, by all means talk about whatever you would like. I think we've improved and am most excited ....finally!! Go Tigers, keep up the hard work boys.
  14. Dfield by 30 plus We really need to worry about district win #1 and not games later on. IMO.
  15. Great job Tigers! 52-8 and got playIng time for many kids tonight. Keep improving. Proud of you guys!!
  16. Waskom 21 Hughes Springs 7 I bet we will hear something such as we fought hard, we are young, we graduated linemen, we dropped a TD pass, yada yada yada They had a TD called back They got homered on calls. They caught the bad breaks. They still beat you by 14. But hey, so much for the 17 point spread. SMH Moral victory for you again. Congrats!
  17. Waskom 21 HS 7 Should've been worse. Waskom had a TD called back and fumbled going in twice.
  18. Waldie said before he left and I quote, "Hughes Springs and White Oak dropped us." He went on to say that 'WO shouldn't have dropped us because it's a good game for both of us..' Then he continued with 'Hughes Springs was quick to schedule us coming off 1-9 and 2-8, now that we are coming back around, they won't play us.' Before you argue ponies, it's a fact, straight from the former AD well well before he left. And, he was right in both cases.
  19. 1. Atlanta 2. Jeffy 3. MV 4. Red 5. HS 6. Hooks 7. NB
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