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  1. The Shelbyville Dragons concluded their preseason scrimmages with visiting Beckville High School on Thursday. Both teams prepared with equal line of scrimmage plays for both varsity and junior varsity running scripted play drills. The scrimmages finished with the two varsities playing two quarters with Shelbyville holding a 12-3 lead over the Bearcats after one quarter. And they outpaced Beckville once again in the second quarter by a 14-0 margin.
  2. I may have missed it but does the penalty apply to all sports for two years or only football?
  3. Chapel Hill Elysian Fiels Etoile Gary Grand Saline Jacksonville Kenard Kilgore Martinsville Mount Vernon Mt. Enterprise Nacogdoches New Diana New Summerfield Overton Pewitt Quitman Rains Rusk Sulphur Springs Whitehouse Wills Point
  4. I remember playing Mount Enterprise back in 1958 or 59. I can just see the blue jerseys with red stars on the shoulders. They looked just like the ones that the college allstars used to wear when they played the pro's in Chicago each year.
  5. Timpson "BIG" Against Holland who plays Shelbyville Friday Hearne had 26 runs for a total of 67 yards and completed 4 of 12 passes with 4 interceptions
  6. I'll have to go with Holland here. I think the Dragons will have a difficult time stopping the running game of the Hornets.
  7. Roomed in college with a guy from Chester who told about driving by and seeing a buck grazing on the field. He pull up takes out his rifle and drops him as he crossed the 20 yr line.
  8. A special called meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Shelbyville Independent School District will be held on Thursday, February 18, 2021, beginning at Noon, in the Board Room of the Shelbyville Independent School District at 5322 St. Hwy 87 S, Shelbyville, Texas. 3. Executive Session a. Discussion of Athletic Director/Head Football Coach Applicants
  9. Special Board meeting called for Thursday 2/18 to hire AD and Head Coach.
  10. Maybe they could get Guy Harrison to be strength coach and Lester Belrose to coach the special teams punting and kicking.
  11. The game has been moved the Grapeland because of the power outage in Shelbyville.
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