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  1. play calling for Hemphill was horrible, no excuse for Hemphill to have lost that game
  2. Now that lufkin out of playoffs they will pack it in, Tyler wins coaching staff in lufkin need fired
  3. Think they were having a hangover from Newton, settled down in second half and looked like the team from the first 6 games
  4. Hemphill wins 42-35, Hornets played ball 2nd half, big win!
  5. I believe Hemphill will make this a game, but Newton may be too much. Excited for this game, packed house in Hemphill
  6. I can always remember all the games started at 7:30, why are they starting at 7 now?
  7. How SA gonna do this year? Think Hemphill and SA make playoffs?
  8. How’s Hemphill gonna be this year? hear have good QB and RB, gotta be favored over SA right?
  9. Congrats EF good job! Congrats Hemphill on good season, good luck EF
  10. A bogus interference call, punt return and one fumble the difference
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