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  1. What happen to our freshman RB. I didn't see him play a single play against LO. One of our best and I never seen him touch the ball
  2. I got these 2 cheeseburgers.......that says OC won't stay within 20 points of them tigers after halftime
  3. Tigers are gonna take their anger out on them rebels...poor guys lol
  4. Id be willing to bet your speedo is red too..
  5. Congrats Brahmas. Morris county on the hunt. Both teams win tonight
  6. Sorry JJ but I'm pulling for EF in this one...
  7. Hs1988 I went by Topps. I bought foe fawtys. Meet me under the bleachers Thursday around sem o fie and we can get our drank on. That way when them Tigers pull out of cass county you won't be in such pain from the loss. We gonna stable then ponies like there's no tomorrow. I checked the old almanac the rain is gonna hold off until Friday.
  8. may even have to share them with a friend so they don't get cold too fast :)
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