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  1. I know a Lone Oak alum who needs this job!!! Wouldn’t even have to move.
  2. So am I missing something, are we going to see the answers to the questions asked?
  3. Not a good situation when the board vote is not unanimous. He better win
  4. What college class did you take that discussed form tackling? You go to college to get certified as a teacher... not coach
  5. His post said champs or final 4. how many times has Daingerfield lost to Madison in playoffs? Other dominate DISD schools are not 3A.
  6. No my list would be longer but East Texas is historically weak in hoops. Has nothing to do with inner city.
  7. I’m assuming it’s the guy who just posted a DC job on thsca
  8. White Oak, back to back hoops champs and made good football runs Tenaha has gotten to state in both, Mt Vernon made it to state this year! and Clarksville was 2010
  9. Saw Peterman landed at White Settlement ISD Brewer HS. is that FW Brewer?
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