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  1. interesting development! keep us updated!
  2. "Boy, you look like Tarzan but hit like Jane"
  3. "When the roosters are crowing and the cows are spinning circles in the pasture..... Duck Fly together!"
  4. "It's colder than a witch's tit in a brass bra"
  5. "I called a perfect game, you boys just didn't execute"
  6. I don't think it is cheating at all! I think it's a great hire. I have no problem with it. You want the kid, hire the parents. Most of the time the parents are damn good coaches, which is why the kids turn out to be damn good players.
  7. When you hire a coach and his son is coming to your school and has been a starting QB/ best player on his team in the past, then there is not a question of who is going to be the starting quarterback. No way the dad takes the job if all parties involved don't believe he will start at QB. Could you imagine the drama if they hired his dad, kid transferred in and then didn't start. I will admit though, I have no clue of anything inside the gunter program. Just speaking on a general coaching hire move.
  8. On November 3, 2020, Wichita Falls voters approved Proposition A of WFISD’s $290 million bond, giving approval to build two new identical high schools. The bond will allow the District to replace high schools that are between 60 and 100 years old. The two new high schools are projected to open in Fall 2024. One school, temporarily referred to as the East High School, will be located on 180 acres in southwest Wichita Falls’ Legacy Park at Windthorst Road and Henry S. Grace Freeway, a site north of the Career Education Center, on land that cost $4.2 million. The second identical school, temporarily referred to as the West High School, is slated for the 104 acres in southwest Wichita Falls at 6422 Seymour Highway. The land cost $1.9 million. These two new schools will replace the current three high schools that are currently in use: Rider, Wichita Falls and Hirschi. Wichita Falls High School will be retired, and Rider High School and Hirschi High School will transition to middle schools. Students who were 8th graders in the 2020-2021 school year will be the first graduating class from the two new high schools. The two facilities will be stand-outs in the state for their adaptability since they have been designed with an emphasis on “future thinking” not just “forward thinking.” It’s expected that the schools will be in use for the next century and will have to adapt to unknown challenges and changes in education, so versatility is a hallmark of the layout and design of both buildings. The new buildings will feature large open spaces that can be reconfigured, glass classroom walls that open into carpeted study spaces, and grand swathes of flexible spaces that can be divided up again and again, depending on a teacher’s need. Architects have even designed an auditorium space that is so multi-functional that it may become a standard for public education, according to Tom Lueck, Huckabee chief operations officer who is advising the District. The auditorium space features a full stage with a reconfigurable seating area. The seating space can be turned into six classrooms or into seating for 500 to hold an audience for a stage production or concert. When the area is in classroom mode, it can be used by athletics for team meetings, health and nutrition instruction or lectures. Acoustics will be controlled digitally and designed by an acoustician. The two new high schools building project will also be the biggest construction project that Wichita Falls has seen to date, according to Mr. Lueck. It’s twice the size of the city’s largest project, which was the building of the Multi-Purpose Events Center’s three buildings. It’s three times the size of the new Wichita County Law Enforcement Center project and six times the size of WFISD’s most recent building project, the Career Education Center.
  9. I'm pretty sure they are building 2 brand new high schools and shutting down the 3 old high schools.
  10. I just dont understand why Fex would take this job. I mean I guess he's getting closer to retirement and has a few kids in college so maybe a pay increase to help his retirement. I wonder what Tom Bean pays.
  11. I've heard that there is some political drama with either supers kids or some school board member's kids who are on the football team and aren't as good as mom and dad think they are.
  12. seems to be a good job. what kind of talent is coming back / coming up?
  13. heard they have the first round of interviews this week. Then bringing back 4 to meet with the Supe
  14. I see they' re graduating a lot. What do we know about their sub varsities and middle school teams?
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