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  1. heard they have the first round of interviews this week. Then bringing back 4 to meet with the Supe
  2. I see they' re graduating a lot. What do we know about their sub varsities and middle school teams?
  3. Does anybody know where Baca went since leaving Pitt?
  4. probably for the best. He aint ready for Allen
  5. gotcha. well hopefully the new staff can turn it around!
  6. Ledford actually retired a couple weeks ago I believe.
  7. I think they had a pretty good year in his first season at Pittsburg also. I remember them losing to Argyle in the playoffs and then Argyle went on to play in the state championship.
  8. Will be interesting. It’s not gonna be like Denton Ryan where he has the best players on the field every week
  9. hmm interesting. anybody got the scoop on why he's leaving?
  10. I've never worked for him but i know a lot of his coaches in Crosby really liked him and were sad to see him go.
  11. Matt Stepp is reporting that they are hiring Coach Riordan from Crosby. Rumors seem to be true.
  12. Does this mean the kids will have 2 athletic periods? The athletic class and a workout class? Or am i reading that wrong?
  13. Thats good! Means a lot of good athletes on the way!
  14. Thats seems like a lot for a school that size. What did the underclassmen look like?
  15. Director of Athletics (Non-Coaching) Job Reference Number 81537 Location Center ISD Address PO Box 1689 City, State, Zip Code Center, TX 75935 Address P O BOX 1689 City, State, Zip Code Center, TX 75935 Job Description Direct and manage the overall program of extracurricular and intramural athletics for the district. Provide each student with the opportunity to participate in an extracurricular athletic activity and ensure compliance with all federal, state, University Interscholastic League (UIL), and local requirements. Possess a passion for sports and education and demonstrate an understanding of how young athletes should be developing into successful athletes, students, and young adults.
  16. looks like the rumors were true... Marshall is coming open soon
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