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  1. 6A Division II State Quarterfinals: Longview vs Lufkin JohnnyFootball replied to LoboFan07's topic in High School Sports Wow. I am really sorry I'm running a half marathon tomorrow or I'd have made the drive. Sounds like I missed one of the all time great games. so you can declare a player awful and not witnessed his awfulness in person? You have not a clue. Hope you have a nice run tomorrow and a nice vacation.
  2. KC special teams are not strong. Longview has a decided advantage in this phase of the game. It is very likely that Longview will block a fg/pat attempt. Longview kicker/punter much bigger leg than KC. In playoffs, Longview has kicked off 20 times with only 3 of them returned for a total of 33 yards. Throughout the season, punts averaging 39 yards or so with only one punt returned. I honestly believe that this should be a close game and that special teams could likely be the difference.
  3. Props to your prognostication ability. 7 kickoffs and 1 punt for zero return yards. Puts special in special teams.
  4. If the receiver started his route from outside of the hash and is targeted outside of the other hash, that is a crossing route and ball is to be thrown in front of the receiver.
  5. The int against JT was a deep crossing route that was under thrown and behind the receiver so it wasn't the route. As far as the Heath game and balls being thrown into space, I have no idea if they were blown routes or throws. The passing game has been inconsistent. Bad throws, drops, but have made the big play when needed. Also, for an offensive line that is built and schooled to run the ball, they have given darn good protection on passes.
  6. I'll play along FF. Rockwall beat the defending 5A champions and has 3 district losses. Rockwall, Horn and Longview maybe even JT ( I'll let you know about Heath after Friday) would make some serious noise in 5A. As far as a 6A district, I would tend to agree with you. Very competitive, but most teams seem to be lacking the it factor that would make them elite. i'd like to let you know that most of the time, you have valid observations, but you present them in such an over the top way that the message gets lost.
  7. JT has the defense that can get enough stops to win. The offense should be able to score enough points to win. So if they play cleaner than MH they have a better than average chance of winning. Special teams is what I think may do you in. The coaching staff needs to get to a camp so that they can teach how to long-snap. The slow snaps is the biggest reason why the xp and fg were blocked.
  8. No idea on the specifics of the transfer, but rumors had him going to Marshall. JT might not have signed off if he went to Longview.
  9. Chris Kessler Longview 28-19 win over John Tyler xp 3-3, fg 1-1 47 yd kickoff 2 touchbacks, 1 tackle punts 5-38, 3 inside the 20 (2 inside the 5)
  10. I do not belioeve that the Gladewater secondary will compete with Gilmer passing attack. Gilmer will get their points and I do not believe that Gladewater's offense will match Gilmer output.
  11. Misses of 49 and 51 into the wind. A HS kicker will only be at best as consistent as the snapper and holder. Lawson is a pretty good holder. He handles some tough snaps pretty good. Snappers are improved over last year, but the holders have to work too hard. Watch how often the ball is still being spiun when it is kicked. Specialist coaching is definitely lacking at Lobo, but in all honesty it is lacking at all high schools.
  12. One bad punt and a miss on a fg under 35 yd thru 4 games and you label the kicker inconsistent? You want to blame a blocked PAT, that came off the edge on an inconsistent kicker? You could complain about inconsistent special teams play, but think you are off base on saying kicker is inconsistent.
  13. It seems like if the rules state that coaches remain within a specified coaching box and there is a foul committed then the penalty should be assessed. Whether they are out of the box to call a play or argue a call seems irrelevant. Coaches tell players that they should have the discipline to not jump offsides. Well, I say coaches should have the discipline to stay behind a line and officials should enforce the rules of the game.
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