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  1. Great season rams. And good job Cooper on the win. Rams had some missed opportunities and mistakes, but thats part of the game and that's what gets you sent home at this point in the season. I'll have to make the Timpson v Cooper game next week I think Cooper has a really good shot to take down those bears.
  2. Greatfull to have had the opportunity to play for him. R.I.P. Coach Gandy
  3. Hate it for you guys. If someone would've told me 2or3 years ago SA would be winless I would've thought you was crazy as hell. Hope you guys get rolling again soon.
  4. That is the correct score 4:50 left
  5. I saw 42-38 garrison on the app is that right?
  6. But harleton has wins over big sandy and hawkins right?
  7. Frankston/OC 1PM Saturday in Ore City EF/ ND 2pm Saturday in ND
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