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  1. Not what happened at all. They never charged him with Attempted Murder because it is hard to prove intent. They charged him with 1 count of assault on a public servant which carried same maximum penalty as Attempted Murder, and 1 count of Assault with a Deadly Weapon. The jury ruled that coaches were not considered Public Servants but convicted him of the lesser charge of Assault with a deadly weapon. That year after the case our Legislature added coaches to the list of public servants. But you are making my point, they didn't charge this guy with Attempted Murder for shooting a guy, but these people wanted these players charged with it for a peanut. Hard to prove, yet easy to defend.
  2. He wasn"t because they said Intent was to hard to prove.
  3. You are correct...... there should be consequences and there were consequences. My only argument was that I don't agree that they deserve "attempted murder" charges. Heck the guy who shot coach Kinne in Canton didn't get attempted murder charges but these kids should?
  4. I am not a troll.... I know how severe the action is.... I just think saying it is attempted murder is ludicrous. Didn't defend the kids, didn't say anything about the incident.... just that attempted murder charges is overboard. The kid got hives and played in a game with a dose of benedryl..... you don't prosecute for attempted murder on that. Heck the dude who shot the coach at Canton didn't even get charged with attempted murder.... but the peanut kid should? BE SERIOUS!
  5. OVERREACT MUCH? First of all..... I am not defending the kid. I am trying to get you overzealous people to quit hanging these kids. They did not attempt to murder the kid. The mom only brought it to light because other kids began bullying her kid for "snitching". read the dang article. In order to charge for attempted murder you have to be able to prove intent. They didn't force peanuts down his throat, they put peanuts on his clothes which caused hives. The kid was never in any danger. So you read their mind and know they intended to kill the kid? Give me a break.
  6. I am not condoning anything the kids did. But the discipline was not by the coach it was the Admin in conjunction with Law enforcement. The investigation revealed that the kid got hives on his arm, took benedril and played in the game that night. So attempted Murder is a "stretch". I'm glad the schools aren't recruiting the kid. But lets don't go overboard with the accusations. lol
  7. NFHS worked for me on every game I streamed except the Daingerfield game. Announcers were from Anahuac and SETX.com. They said it was the stadium wifi that was the problem there. Got it fixed and it worked fine the last 3 quarters. No other game had a problem all day.
  8. Did you watch Madisonville at all this year? How did you form that opinion? Madisonville beat Bellville in the playoffs last year and had almost the entire team back. Bellville killed them. Madisonville was extremely tlented, especially on the d-line.... got manhandled. You guys from Carthage are spoiled, lol. No one looks good to y'all.
  9. Your Grandpa came from a different generation. Now a days those things are running officials out of the game. Whether you think they are soft or not is inconsequential. If it is running people out of the game, then in the best interest of the kids, it needs to stop.
  10. Madisonville vs Columbus is my pick. Madisonville in a close one is my pick.
  11. Greg Ward without a doubt. Special kid. True QB. Toke was more of an Athlete who played QB. Greg was truly a QB. He was a 70% thrower with 7800 and 2k rusher during his 2 years as QB.
  12. Daingerfields Tyler Boyd 43-3 as a starter. Only losses were to very loaded Gilmer teams each year. 3 state titles
  13. Fisher was a JR in '85 tho. Grade behind us.
  14. Being Class of '86 I have to agree. Lewis, Fisher, Lipham were some bad dudes at LB.
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