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  1. Dylan Moses? David Sills? Both were offered in 7th grade. I'd say they panned out.
  2. They Tried it in Houston. Didn't work. Half the attendance.
  3. Largest Coaching Organization in the country. They lobby in Austin for our benefit. They offer benefits such as insurance. They offer scholarships for coaches kids. Coaching pass gets you in free to all playoff games. But also a great way to network. This business is often times "who you know", THSCA allows you to "know" more coaches.
  4. Why do they want him? I keep reading on this thread, and others, that the discipline is lacking there and that a certain coach is part of the problem..... if I was a player I'd want that coach to be boss cuz I already know what I can get away with.
  5. They aren't going back to split locations. It has proven far too lucrative, not to mention popular, to have the single site. Basketball, Volleyball, baseball, and softball all have small schools play during the week and their fans show up..... why should football be any different.
  6. it doesn't matter where the state championships are held..... small schools will be on thursday.
  7. There is another problem. How is it the kids are failing and can't run? Part of the responsibility of a coach is to keep those kids eligible for all seasons.
  8. only 1 coach in 1st period. OC and DC no second sport, they might want to make a little money also. Varsity Coaches not working with freshman kids, they are your future. Oh and ONLY 1 COACH IN 1ST PERIOD!
  9. I'm at a 6A program and we require it of all football players regardless of position
  10. At a school that size all football players should be REQUIRED to run track..... JMO
  11. Who is the head coach? There is a problem if D'field ain't good on the Track!
  12. I hadn't coached above 4A until i came here. We have 5 schools in this district, 4 6A and 1 5A. Every school gets equal. We need more coaches than some other schools due to numbers, this is the solution to the problem and UIL allows it
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