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  1. NFHS worked for me on every game I streamed except the Daingerfield game. Announcers were from Anahuac and SETX.com. They said it was the stadium wifi that was the problem there. Got it fixed and it worked fine the last 3 quarters. No other game had a problem all day.
  2. Did you watch Madisonville at all this year? How did you form that opinion? Madisonville beat Bellville in the playoffs last year and had almost the entire team back. Bellville killed them. Madisonville was extremely tlented, especially on the d-line.... got manhandled. You guys from Carthage are spoiled, lol. No one looks good to y'all.
  3. Your Grandpa came from a different generation. Now a days those things are running officials out of the game. Whether you think they are soft or not is inconsequential. If it is running people out of the game, then in the best interest of the kids, it needs to stop.
  4. Madisonville vs Columbus is my pick. Madisonville in a close one is my pick.
  5. Greg Ward without a doubt. Special kid. True QB. Toke was more of an Athlete who played QB. Greg was truly a QB. He was a 70% thrower with 7800 and 2k rusher during his 2 years as QB.
  6. Daingerfields Tyler Boyd 43-3 as a starter. Only losses were to very loaded Gilmer teams each year. 3 state titles
  7. Fisher was a JR in '85 tho. Grade behind us.
  8. Being Class of '86 I have to agree. Lewis, Fisher, Lipham were some bad dudes at LB.
  9. He was a Fullback..... didn't play Defense in High School.
  10. I'll take Anthony Fisher!!!! Scary dude on a football field.
  11. 83 was Ladd Freeman, Randy Woods,Mark Rowe 84 was Vince Malone. Carlton Walker, Gene Rowe
  12. You keep that fight. It amazes me that only 1 player from Daingerfield has been inducted off the 82-85 run. Tons of great players along with Great Coaches. Keep up the good fight Smoaky!
  13. It's about time they put DA in. His record speaks for itself!!!
  14. 4A and below went to 3 teams in 97 2008 went to 4 in all divisions
  15. 1982 I believe was 2 teams 1990 to 3
  16. I thought him and the LB at China Spring were the best 2 I saw that weekend as well.
  17. I mean 2-3 years left.... Not sure why they would want Barnes
  18. Barnes has over 40 years in the profession. Why would Marshall want a guy who may have 2-3 years tops. This is puzzling.
  19. PNG has been wavering lately on him. It seems winning a couple playoff games each year is not enough. Clamouring for new blood. They don't realize that he is maximizing the talent that is there. He's done a great job there.
  20. You are correct, but he wasn't forced out. He left because the district was in a financial bind and cut several coaches and teachers at Christmas, including his DC and Head Girls' basketball coach (mid-season), and his wife. He chose to leave a problem and get to a better place.
  21. He wasn't forced out. It was a financial problem with the district.
  22. He left Crosby for a rebuild..... Crosby had unbelievable talent. Money talks.
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