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  1. You keep that fight. It amazes me that only 1 player from Daingerfield has been inducted off the 82-85 run. Tons of great players along with Great Coaches. Keep up the good fight Smoaky!
  2. It's about time they put DA in. His record speaks for itself!!!
  3. 4A and below went to 3 teams in 97 2008 went to 4 in all divisions
  4. 1982 I believe was 2 teams 1990 to 3
  5. I thought him and the LB at China Spring were the best 2 I saw that weekend as well.
  6. I mean 2-3 years left.... Not sure why they would want Barnes
  7. Barnes has over 40 years in the profession. Why would Marshall want a guy who may have 2-3 years tops. This is puzzling.
  8. PNG has been wavering lately on him. It seems winning a couple playoff games each year is not enough. Clamouring for new blood. They don't realize that he is maximizing the talent that is there. He's done a great job there.
  9. You are correct, but he wasn't forced out. He left because the district was in a financial bind and cut several coaches and teachers at Christmas, including his DC and Head Girls' basketball coach (mid-season), and his wife. He chose to leave a problem and get to a better place.
  10. He wasn't forced out. It was a financial problem with the district.
  11. He left Crosby for a rebuild..... Crosby had unbelievable talent. Money talks.
  12. Riordan would be a good fit.....
  13. I would think Jack would rather stay in Cuero. Storied program with the chance to play for state titles.
  14. Yes. It isn't about the COVID, its about attendance, Teacher availability, support staff availability...... Many things cause shutdowns, not just Covid. I've seen schools shut down for flu many times in my career. Swine Flu shut down the entire state education system not so long ago. Including baseball and softball playoffs, Track Regionals, Golf etc.
  15. Rains is shut down until Tuesday. Connally and Mexia also
  16. Not gonna be on HULU. They don't have a contract. Not on nfhs either. Try getting a friend to give you their suddenlink login and watch it online.
  17. FNL isn't the best source. The truth is only one guy, Running back Gary Edwards, had failed Algebra and the principal made the teacher change the grade. They were reported and UIL disqualified them from playoffs. A group of parents filed an injunction that a Dallas court upheld allowing them to continue playing. After the Championship game they withdrew the complaint and the title was stripped. Armstead did catch a jump ball, but it was only about an 5 yard pass.
  18. It was just 1 kid that got grade changed. Wasn't a Hail Mary. They called a dump pass to TE on goalline and Jesse Armstead inserted himself into the game and caught the pass to beat Marshall.
  19. The robberies had nothing to do with them being stripped. It was stripped before those even happened. They used an ineligible player who had his grade changed by a teacher after the principal forced him to. They were kicked out of playoffs but kept filing injunctions to keep them in. After winning state the ruling by the UIL was upheld and they were stripped of the title. Doesn't take away the fact that they won it.
  20. I'm Going Friday and Saturday. Will Watch wed and thurs on the tube.
  21. I agree that those are problems everywhere, but having coached inner city, suburbs, and small rural schools..... trust me when I say the challenges are different. The hallways in schools like that are crazy..... I could go on and on. If you haven't been there you can't understand.
  22. I've watched LBJ several times this year and have been impressed with their coaches. It is not easy coaching in the inner City. They do not have the advantages that most suburb teams have. They deal with academic issues, kids with very little home life, the lure of "the easy way"..... many other things many don't know about. They also deal with inferior facilities, coaching while teaching large class-loads in a high stress environment. I think the coaching has been outstanding! Getting those kids, with those #s to the state championship game is awesome! People have raved about the job SOC has done this year, and deservingly so. They have a great story. LBJs story may be even better.
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