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  1. ND starts of with win in district.
  2. 21-3 half. ND is spuddering on offense but defense playing awesome. GS has had o e pass for 30yds but i bet they dont have 100yds offensein half.
  3. Im going to go with Diana on this one its their year. Thats all im going to say. People will be surprised i bet.
  4. I dont know to do a poll or i would make one.
  5. No way same as last year. Surprise Diana found a defense and offence well yes is ever better. ND will be there. They looked good yesterday.
  6. I'm from Diana and my son plays for ND and he is in same grade as Jackson the QB and I can tell you that you are right he is a great kid he gives everything he has every play. He is very respectful kid, this has been a rebuilding year I will say now. Next year will be very very different everyone will be chasing us next year. I'm ready for some Friday night football.
  7. #7 the punter he is huge compared to Jackson the starting QB
  8. I'm big ND fan but it will be all Daingerfield. We have to many starters that won't be playing running back,QB,two lineman that hurts most. But yes anything possible but this was worse time to have this happen to this team. As long as we play hard I'll be happy.
  9. He hurt his elbow about the fourth play of game and it was numb entire second half. He had Mir but Havnt heard result but must have cracked it or something to miss rest of season. Our backup is impressive but we will see.
  10. ND QB out for year.but backup can throw it to.
  11. They are out of school because of the yamboree in gilmer
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