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  1. Franklin JV 55 McGregor JV 0 JV is 5-0 Freshman couldn't find a game but are 4-0
  2. We have the same problem here with all the crickets. They are everywhere
  3. Franklin JV 55 McGregor JV 0 Franklin could not find a freshman team to play them this week
  4. Edna fans sang that song and had that on posters last year. 41-13 was the final
  5. I'm hearing that Lorena has been banged up pretty bad but that could also be hear say. I think porter has been out with a leg injury
  6. It's such a long drive for both tho... 3 hour drive one way
  7. Franklin held jasper to 86 yards for the first 3 quarters before pulling starters after game was in hand. Jasper finished with 215 total offensive yards.
  8. The kids buy in to the system. If even a small amount don't then you won't win. But when they see what works and they want to win they buy in.
  9. Franklin will travel to McGregor to take on the bulldogs in the district opener Franklin is coming off a win over 4ad2 Jasper 29-14 while McGregor is also coming off a win over 3ad2 Clifton 35-7. McGregor has won its last two games. McGregor always plays Franklin tough at home and has had big upsets at home in recent years. Other games in district: Lorena 2-2 @ Cameron Yoe 1-3 Troy 3-1 @ LR-Academy 4-0 Rockdale BYE Thoughts on these games
  10. Franklin 29 Jasper 14.... game was not as close as score shows. Jasper had 1 first down in the first half. Got the 2nd score with back ups in with 45 secs left in the game.
  11. Forgot it was on radio. Jasper gets trash points against back ups. Franklin 29 Jasper 14 final
  12. I'm leaving jasper might score but we have back ups in
  13. Franklin picks off a pass. Franklin ball on the jasper 31 with 4:41 left in game
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