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  1. I seen yalls coach is 134-34 in koff which is awesome... our coach is 34-3 in 2.5 seasons looking to make our 16th straight playoff appearance and on top of the we have been 3rd seed or higher every year.
  2. I'm sure it would be a great game between the two... Franklin has talent in all age groups like Malakoff. Who knows could end back up in the same region next realignment as well
  3. I don't think so either... can't believe we have not played each other even in non district.
  4. Want the match up because of family that went to school in West Rusk
  5. Franklin vs Canadian/West Rusk 3ad2 Franklin vs Koff/Grandview 3ad1 Franklin vs Chapel Hill/Henderson out of 4a
  6. These are not the computer rankings... they are way different
  7. That is why they play the games.... I'm looking forward to the Lorena and Yoe games this season.
  8. Week 3 McGregor @ Lorena Academy @ Cameron Rockdale @ Troy Frankin Bye*
  9. Franklin 63 Rockdale 42 final Lorena 40 Academy 17 final Troy 27 McGregor 24 final
  10. I like the bye week last... get healed up before a playoff run. That is the way we had it the last two years
  11. We all know he would be here if they would have won
  12. Franklin 1-0 @ Rockdale 0-0 Troy 0-1 @ McGregor 0-1 Lorena 0-1 @ L-R Academy 1-0 Cameron Bye week
  13. Yeah it seems like it was a good game. I'm goin to try and go back and watch it
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