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  1. Franklin brings back 9/8 Waskom 7/8 per DC for your numbers
  2. We need to all cancel the week 1 games and have a double header at a neutral site to settle this for the up coming season... Franklin vs Canadian follow by Waskom vs Gunter.
  3. Aka franklin is the only one of two teams that could play with canadian last season. So yall don't practice outside when it snows? Still wont give Franklin props because it snowed and franklin is a slot t team smh.
  4. Alot of the kids left after the 2019 season... They still had the couple good players in the qb/fs, De, but about half the team left in 2019... Region 3 was tougher in 2018 but region 2 was tougher in 2019
  5. I have been home with covid since Wednesday... Its #### but in no way would I want to cancel sports and i dont think much will happen with the season. We should be back to normal
  6. West Rusk is the team to watch in this district... Kids been playin since freshman at the varsity level and are now juniors
  7. Franklin vs Bremond used to be a big rivalry... Size difference is why we dont play each other anymore. Franklin reached out to bremond when they had Paul and couldnt get a game goin even then
  8. I hate to hear that. Sorry for the disrespect made towards Canadian and their school. We in Franklin like to carry pride and respect where ever we travel. Even as a youth coach I try to teach my kids to be respectful because not only are you representing yourself but also your town and school. Sometimes a bad egg will get through. Every town has them but in no way is it an excuse. Good luck Canadian this season
  9. Yes I sure did... Neither team could stop each other offense
  10. I was hoping it was goin to be in Crockett... Closer drive and i go two or three games other then Franklin every year
  11. They could very well win district and the region... The region is wide open imo. I just think the yoe are a year away from being yoe of past
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