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  1. New Baden when visiting Franklin. Has all you can eat catfish on Fridays. People come all over for it
  2. One thing that sticks out to me is that they scheduled run based teams for the most part. Is that what they want to work on the most is stopping the run?
  3. New Baden all you can eat fish on Fridays. Getting a new pizza place soon.
  4. Yeah but they will be on the younger side plus without the all state lineman and qb. But Mart will Mart of course amd be in the mix. But if someone knocks them off in the region it will be bremond
  5. Mart lost their do it all qb. He moved to Waco University. Bremond could upset Mart
  6. https://www.kbtx.com/2024/06/26/multi-vehicle-crash-robertson-county-causes-road-closure-fm-2549/
  7. Is celina run heavy as well?
  8. 1. Stratford 2. Albany 3. Shiner 4. Mart 5. Muenster 6. Bremond 7. Falls City 8. Windthorst 9. Lovelady 10. Wellington
  9. You can hate eagle34 but the proof is right there.... you just have to find it.
  10. Not a good team to bring up in gunter... they would beat most 4a schools.
  11. Been waiting to see where we would play them
  12. I talked to a guy from Grandview who said they will be extremely young and shouldn't even be in the top 10. Whitesboro or no one else in region 2 will touch yall
  13. Malakoff vs Franklin at AT&T... Mark it down
  14. 1. Ganado 2. Refugio 3. Honey Grove 4. Timpson 5. Garrison 6. Stamford 7. Hawley 8. Cooper 9. Mason 10. Sunray
  15. Yeah I know what you mean but you never know. Koff is the favorite no doubt. Columbus could not stop Lorena's run game and it lost them the game. Malakoff vs Franklin in the state game again.
  16. Region 3 will be "down" some but they have 3 in the top 4. I guess if that is down then region 3 will be okay. Until Hitchcock can show me how good the line play is then they should not be even in the top 10. They got knocked out in the first round. Columbus i could see them being in the top 3 for sure.
  17. What why is Columbus #2?... that shocks me when they didn't even make the region final.
  18. https://www.ksat.com/sports/big-game-coverage/2024/06/12/uil-approves-split-division-playoff-structure-for-basketball-volleyball-baseball-softball-and-soccer/
  19. I hate these active district win streaks. Some districts are cupcakes. Congrats you can beat up on much lesser teams
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