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  1. China Spring @ Franklin Friday Aug 12th times TBA
  2. Idk I would think both
  3. 3ad1 #3 Lorena @ 4ad1 #2 China Springs
  4. 105 here been 113 about a week ago
  5. Success brings numbers is all.... I figured yall would have been around 70-75
  6. Don't know the number but looks like a lot showed up
  7. I agree don't see a big jump
  8. I agree could be d1 next realignment. It's crazy to think that Newton, Waskom, Canadian, Gunter, and Franklin could all be out of 3ad2 by next realignment. Which Franklin already is d1 and growing and might never drop back down it 3ad2. Since 2014 when 6a started up these 5 schools have either played each other or have played in the state championship game every year
  9. I think Poth could have beaten Refugio this past year... they hung with Shiner for a half and held Shiner to 184 total yards..... Tidehaven is a mystery. Region 4 I believe would also add a team like Marlin who is on the up and coming. Region 3 blood bath Region 2 I believe would have more 2ad1 school that is already 2ad1 like Hawley Crawford ect... and would have DF and DE Kalb in the region 3 area so it would be a mystery in region 2 Region 1.... Canadian and it wouldn't be close
  10. Could you imagine losing these teams to 2ad1 while losing Franklin and Gunter to 3ad1... what would the landscape look like for 3ad2... who would be the favorites
  11. I have heard this before about Strength of schedule lol
  12. Not overconfident just confident... BTW toughest district could be a district will everyone starting district with a 0-3 record but play everyone close in district.... toughest district could be a district that gets swept in the first round but had to fight and claw to make the playoffs. That is what they are talking about.
  13. Do I think we could hang with Carthage no... college station no... Westlake, Duncanville, ect no. Dallas Cowboys... maybe (slight dig) But I hate to break it to you.. no one in yalls district is on any of these teams level. Mart moves up and plays top 10 ranked teams from higher divisions and beat them. But God forbid a ranked 3a school could beat a ranked 4a school... didn't Newton Beat WO-S when both were ranked?
  14. You do realize that both Franklin and Lorena are ranked #2 and #3 in the state as well.... Shiner was ranked #1 in 2ad1 and was favored by Dave Campbell to win both 3ad1 and d2 the last two years.
  15. Why? Yall dont have big dog Carthage in yalls district anymore... this is not the same district of doom of years past. Henderson is not the power they used to be or Kilgore plus no Carthage
  16. Franklin and Lorena are more then capable of playing well against those teams. Computer has both Franklin and Lorena are favorites over CHill and Kilgore
  17. I would be willing to bet that Athens could very well not make the playoffs in 3ad1 if they had to play in district 11 and if they did maybe the 4th place team. Dont think they could beat Lorena Franklin or Academy. Maybe Rockdale or Yoe because those two are still question marks. But if Rhodes gets Yoe back to being Yoe this year then Athens would miss the playoffs in this district as well.
  18. When they talk about toughest district it means who could they see making playoffs from top to bottom. Pretty much everyone in the 7 team district in 11-3AD1 could make playoffs because that is how deep the district is. 5-4A Lorena played China Spirngs with in 7 points and Franklin beat Lorena so yes I think some of these teams could play with 5-4a. 9-4a does not scare me at all imo. Now both are really tough districts and have the right to argue the claim. But as far as not being able to play with them is a reach. Franklin gets an early look at China Spring for a scrimmage and then Lorena gets them week 1 or week 2
  19. LRA will be a well rounded team. Can't sneak up on the ones paying attention to them.
  20. LRA brings back 8/9 and the best players will be juniors. Their qb is accurate and they have size, speed, and depth. They lost by 3 to diboll in the 3rd round with a ton of sophmores. I think district 3 in d2 will be a tough district but idk how you put them over district 11 imo
  21. LRA could easily take the #1 spot in district 11 and have either Franklin or Lorena the 3 seed. Cameron will also have Rhodes in his 2nd year back. Rockdale is supposed to be much improved as well. I think district 11 in d1 has more depth then district 3 in d2 as far as quality teams. We are talking about a district with 5 total playoff teams with a 3rd round team and two state champions vs a district with Canadian and maybe Childress but I see Canadian who had a ton of injuries lastvl year running through this district
  22. Don't forget Little River Academy that went 3 rounds
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