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  1. My fault didn’t see there was already another tread made. If we could get this one taken down..
  2. Tatum coming off good win vs NB. Atlanta coming off loss to GW let’s hear it
  3. Sabine gonna beat y’all then new boston gonna give y’all a game and jeffy might sneak up
  4. Wouldn’t surprise me if WO misses the playoffs
  5. Wouldn’t surprise me if we hang 70 on WO this year like we did sabine last year
  6. Well I mean it’s true. Tatum will most likely be 2 seed now and means won’t have to meet GW again or MT vernon til region final and I say it’s easier Bc malakoff and grandview haven’t looked as good as mt vernon. Btw Tatum gonna beat WO by 45 plus
  7. Tatum is the robinhood lmao we pay for other school stuff
  8. You can watch the whole game on the scoreboard without a issue or it being laggy it’s like a huge tv lol
  9. GW played a great game last night good luck the rest of the way GW. Glad tatum got a taste of what a L feels like hopefully this fuels them the rest of the way.
  10. Not counting y’all out just simply saying mt vernon looks better than yall
  11. Well on the bright side of things tatum might have a little bit easier of a path to a region final no knock to malakoff, Grandview, or west but my vernon looks better than them
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