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  1. No info on that just seen Justin wells put it on Twitter
  2. The jr transfer that lee had this that played jv Ricks transferred back to his old school..
  3. Lee had nothing to do with this... if CH coach checked any box on the PAPF form then a UIL investigates.
  4. Wonder will he be able to play varsity right off hand ?
  5. 2020 ETX QB prospect Khalan Griffin @iamkjg has left Chapel Hill, enrolled at John Tyler. #bEASTtexas #Cujo
  6. I think it would be good for both teams to drop
  7. I was speaking of OUR RED RIVER VALLEY LOL
  8. Gone finish 1-9! Jk dont get all upset I know how yall cville fans are about yall football team. But good job tho
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