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  1. Yep, that’s all I have to go off of right now
  2. You’re right, we had a few in 2018… we have more than a few in 2022. If the coaching is better, WR will be pretty damn good this year.
  3. WR will have the athletes, just saying.
  4. We have made it out of the 1st round of the playoffs.
  5. You talking about the Pitt that lost to Jeffy? Or the Lumberton that lost to East Chambers who WR beat by 21 points? Man you’re nuts. Only team you listed that I can agree is better right now is DF.
  6. And if we are the 5th best team on y’all’s non district schedule, then y’all are going 0-5
  7. Girl I know I’m not the only one on here that’s seen you say everything that I just said. Maybe not in that same context, but it might as well have been.
  8. But I’m glad y’all got them sled killers, the best 3 players in the state of Texas, and the best coach in the state to go along with em. Sounds like State Champions to me?
  9. Just will make it that much sweeter when we beat y’all.
  10. Nah, unfortunately, y’all still got an L coming.
  11. After week 4 is over, it may look as if y’all are down
  12. I didn’t mean that in a derogatory way towards Garrison. I was more pointing at the fact that WR could have at least scheduled someone their size to scrimmage.
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