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  1. Yeah man I’m real mad. Might of hurt if I was a player on the team, but I’m just a fan in the stands like you so I could care less.
  2. Yeah I’m pulling for y’all. It won’t be easy though. Waskom fans are as arrogant as they come so I would love nothing more than to see their chest beating fans eat crow.
  3. I didn’t ask how many rings you got. I said you must not watch the state championships because if you did you would know who Franklin is.
  4. Our game was a lot closer than the Newton and Waskom game though. Waskom dominated Newton. WR and DF game was tied in the 4th quarter. Lol
  5. How many seniors does DF have this year? Looked like quite a bit on MaxPreps but I’m not sure how accurate that is. Mainly on the Oline.
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