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  1. Game 2: West Rusk 8 Winnsboro 1 West Rusk advances to round 3 and will take on White Oak.
  2. Game 1: West Rusk 6 Winnsboro 2 game 2 and 3(If necessary) will be played tomorrow in Grand Saline.
  3. Congratulations to West Rusk for winning the State Championship in the 4X200!!! @lionpride08
  4. WR has the fastest time in the state so far this year in the 4X200. Ran a 1:26.99 last week in regionals.
  5. West Rusk should win state in the 4X200… and possibly the 4X100. Speed to burn at WR
  6. Pretty good prediction. If I had to make a prediction for each district it would look very similar to this. West Rusk and Daingerfield should be the top 2 teams in the region. You never know though, there could be a sleeper team that sneaks up and surprises people.
  7. Seems like a pretty good hire! I hope it works out for y’all. Hopefully Gilbert will keep building on what Sharp started!
  8. Better than WR but still not the main prize lol
  9. How many State Championships does Malakoff have?
  10. Tatum has to be high on the list
  11. Lol I was thinking he claimed to be from Koff in the past. That’s my bad. I know Koff won’t be an easy game and it will be a good test to get us ready in week 1. Let’s just forget about that game a few years ago Those boys were Sophomores, now they are all Seniors.
  12. When they beat Malakoff this year maybe you will change your mind.
  13. Lost a few good ones on defense but return practically everyone from last years teams.
  14. What 5 teams are you talking about? Pretty sure nobody on their schedule would beat WR in district.
  15. Nice facilities over there. WR has came a long way with theirs as well. Just got an indoor practice facility, upgraded the weight room, and new turf this year.
  16. Lol I’m messing with you
  17. #2 gonna him again this year. Hopefully the QB won’t overthrow him every time lol.
  18. Honestly, not surprised. He shouldn’t be allowed back on campus if accusations are true.
  19. Good game… closer than I expected.
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