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  1. “If you wanna be the man, you gotta beat the man”...right now, Diana is defending District Champs till someone takes it from them.
  2. When you have been 0-10 and recovered from that...or you are in a spot no one thinks you should be...I doubt you will be bothered a little cold weather
  3. Yep...totally ageee. This is the most diverse Offense Gunter will see even if they advance. To put it into perspective, Canadian QB threw for 3,200 yards and 30 TD’s last year in 15 games...ND QB is at almost 4,700 and 61 TD’s. ND Recievers are as good as you will see all year. A team that went 0-10 obviously can over come some diversity. Eagle 8 you may know better than me but weren’t they at the goal line on the loss to WO (eventual 3A D1 district champ) in that loss and lost in 2 OT to the kid that will win the state rushing title of over 2,700 yards? if you view this as simply a warm up for Canadian, that would be a huge mistake.
  4. I wouldn’t bet against Gunter...but I also wouldn’t give Sampson, Rodgers, Payton and company the last possession in a tight game
  5. They will score more than 15...Gunter will score more than 35.
  6. I wouldn’t be so sure that’s the case...they choose to throw it first...but they are averaging about 150 yards per game on the ground. Everyone, including me, continues to say that their defense is terrible...but they some how seem to play just good enough.
  7. What’s an inch or two or a pound or two between friends. Heck my wife says she is 150 and we both know she is lying
  8. They seem to do good enough job. Saw an interview last week with him. He praises his O-line, receivers and coaches. Seemed like a good kid....
  9. I feel very confident saying that pound for pound, inch for inch, Sampson is best QB in the State. Program says 5’11 165.... he leads all classidications in yards and TD’s...probably ranked somewhere in the National stats I would bet
  10. Who ya got as most unlikely school in Regional Finals?
  11. Tigers have a very athletic QB. 6’ 200+. They like to spread the field and then run him. If Eagles can get up on them and make them throw the ball, it will be a long night for Leonard. If Eagles can’t get out in front, it will come down to who has the ball last.
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