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  1. Hopefully she will be able to go this weekend they will need everyone vs martins mill.
  2. We stalled vs Franklin at the end and what was a very entertaining game to that point. Turned into the most boring triple overtime game ever.
  3. Not the way we played today. If we play like that we will get blown out. If we play prefect it might be close. But them and tenaha are the ones to beat in this region.
  4. So alto never played a game and lost 2 years. Playing an ineligible player seems just as bad as getting the wrong numbers. But thanks for the information
  5. Yes they were good in little dribblers too. So it starts early. We will have the best player on the court this year but they have a bench full of really good players.
  6. Anyone know what’s going on with marlin they forfeited all of their first round games in district. And won all the rest to make it as a 4th seed. Heard they played an ineligible player. But to me that doesn’t make sense you could still be allowed to be in the playoffs.
  7. Thrall only got beat by 25 by Martin’s mill. So they must be pretty good
  8. That side of the bracket is loaded LL vs Crawford probably will be the closest game. If we win that one it will be 3rd straight year to play martins mill I sure wish we could get away from towns with mart in them.
  9. That’s a great win normangee had a good team.
  10. Lovelady has a junior that I’m sure is close to 2000 points if not already at it. And her mom also lead lovelady to the final four in the 90s too. We have a new coach too.
  11. Football they were much improved last year and did show some talent. Kinda surprised they are getting a new coach I think that was his first year there.
  12. Yes lost one game last year and that was to a 6a. And we get to go back in the district with them and Leon.
  13. Maxpreps shows 10 & 4 WR both seniors plus the QB
  14. They were all in the same district 2 years ago. Mart is still the one to beat in region 3.
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