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  1. Then we are right on the edge of your area we’re little east of van but about the same south of Lufkin
  2. Thanks. It’s hard to believe that they will any faster offense than y’all. So maybe we can keep it away from them and get a few stops like we did with PC. No ducks left. have to play your best or you go home.
  3. I’m sure you’ll be happy 32 will be at Lamar
  4. Thanks rip. You will get your chance against us again next year
  5. It’s y’all’s fault that we weren’t ranked . If we had been in the district that we are in this year we might’ve been playing you in regional last year. We’d at least been in round 3 vs chilton which I think we’d had a chance against them. If we’d gotten that far last season we’d been ranked all year no matter the schedule
  6. It’s an East Texas show and no Lovelady? I know you’d pick mart. I mean you picked maud and said it wouldn’t even be an upset
  7. As far back as maxpreps goes they have only lost in district to Crawford lovelady and Teague. But the Teague one was way back when they had big and small in the same district and they only lost that one by 1
  8. Go 3 more years back they have 26 losses and one was at home to LL. I’m pretty sure they are top 10 best programs in any classification. But they are beatable even by lovelady
  9. I already know Dave Campbell doesn’t think much of us they had us by 7 over maud. So you know I’m not trusting their predictions.
  10. Last 2 played mart the 2 before that we played Muenster
  11. We haven’t been to round 4 much but when we have we’ve won it.
  12. Wow you should be loaded next year very good team this year if most of them are returning they will be A tough team to beat again.
  13. Well we better take advantage of this year may not be as good of a a shot the next few then. I think we will be pretty good the next few years but definitely be tougher without Sean
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