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  1. Argyle is very, very good. But I don’t think they can match up with the Jimmy’s and Joe’s across the board with Carthage. Although it would be interesting to see what that Argyle QB could do when playing from behind.
  2. Jesus. Regal has been saying all year he’s not the coach’s son. The broadcast said earlier that he moved to Argyle as a sophomore to play basketball.
  3. Kilgore had a suprisingly good team, but we would not have been competitive with LBJ or Argyle. IMHO.
  4. Argyle QB is impressive. Super quick release with mustard on it.
  5. Momentum turned when Gilmer kicked it deep. If they could have recovered 6 or 7 more on-side kicks they’d be right in this thing.
  6. Carthage would motorboat Lindale. Argyle probably will too. But Carthage would have a bigger boat.
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