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  1. As for Kilgore.... the defense has played well the last few weeks. 11 PPG allowed over the last 3 weeks and both PT and H'ville scored TD's on the last play of the game or it would be 7 PPG allowed. Shutout Palestine even though they had several possessions in our red zone. D-line is very strong and the guys behind them can close in a hurry. Kilgore offense has been up and down. Running game has popped a lot of big runs, but they've also been stymied a lot.. not much in between. We have a nice stable of speedy receivers and when the QB is on, he can light it up. When he's not on, we have to lean on the aformentioned defense.
  2. All I have to judge Jacksonville on is their Maxpreps scores to date... and based on that I think a lot of folks are underestimating them. They beat Pine Tree (in PT) by a wider margin than Kilgore beat them at home. They comfortably beat an Athens team that by most accounts is "not bad". And they only lost by 5 to a very good Crandall team who throttled Kaufman who beat Lindale.... who we know is really good. I don't think anybody in this district can write Jacksonville off as a W at this point.
  3. Hallsville has a really fast QB. If the Mavs can bottle him up they'll be fine.
  4. I have no idea what the man is doing these days. I'm just saying the programs he presided over were legit. He took Corsicana to the 5A state semifinals when he was there and I know this because they knocked us out in the quarters. He won a ton of football games in Henderson and took them 3 - 4 rounds deep several times. If he was coaching this year's Henderson team, they'd be a lot closer to 5-0 than 0-5.
  5. It's been 12 years since we played Jax. I can barely even remember what their school colors are.
  6. Palestine needs to ditch the wing tee and commit to the spread if they want to have a chance at the playoffs, imho.
  7. 32-0 Dogs, final. I thought Palestine played pretty decent football tonight, they just didn’t have the jimmy’s and joe’s to stay in the game. Best of luck going forward.
  8. Definitely. Hennason post Castles = Cowboys post Jimmy Johnson.
  9. No doubt. And I'd rather have my hat handed to me by Carthage and learn from it than take a couple of subpar teams behind the woodshed.
  10. They couldn't be more different.
  11. I didn't make it to the scrimmages, but I know the personnel and Kilgore is going to be salty this year. QB has already been talked about, and he's going to have a large stable of receivers with Tyeskie, Sanders, Wiley, Stoker, and Franklin. Tyeskie is a state champ in track, Sanders is a 6'2" soph with elite potential (yes, son of Nick), Wiley's a 6'2" 3rd year starter as a junior and holds a D-1 offer from Texas Tech among others. Isaiah Ross will be "that guy" carrying the ball this year... he's a bruiser that rushed for nearly 1,000 yds last year in relief of a 2,500 yd rusher in Ryder, and he can catch it coming out of the backfield. Roosevelt Rollins and Matthew Hardy will join him in the backfield... and I'd classify all these guys as power running backs with good speed. Defensively, Peyton Christian at DT will be the guy that OC's game plan around.... Big, fast, strong. Look for Hardy to be that prototypical Kilgore Lb'er that seems to be in on every tackle. Secondary will probably have a lot of the aforementioned receivers in it. Defensive ends, I don't know much about yet..... O-line either. The performance of those 2 units will probably dictate whether Kilgore is pretty good or pretty great this season.
  12. Kilgore won games 2 and 3 last night over Kaufman… 9-0 and 7-5.
  13. I just finished watching the LBJ vs Fred game looking for chinks in the LBJ armor. Only thing I came away with is that their placekicker is not very good.
  14. When LCM's QB is healthy they are a lot better on offense. And EC was basically 1 guy.
  15. Having seen Chapel Hill a couple of times this season, there's one thing I just can't figure out..... why won't they throw the ball to #13? Dude is humongous and I know he can catch.
  16. Big question is will Landry even be able to go? He didn’t play a snap in the 4th qtr against EC. The announcers kept calling the LCM QB Landry, but it wasn’t him. #10 did look like a very competent backup, but he doesn’t have Landry’s wheels.
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