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  1. @WP4L Brother, am I missing something!!!??? When did John King “JUST” put Denton Ryan on the schedule??? He’s talking about like going on 3 years ago maybe. Maybe he has some intel that everybody else doesn’t regarding Lobo football; especially being from Henderson. But, what do I know. Like, I was only born and raised a Lobo for 44 years now, played here and graduated from Longview High. So, I guess I should listen to him when it comes to this Lobo Football program. Let me formally apologize.
  2. Our schedule isn’t hard to find, Brother. Hell, MaxPreps even has a complete list of this year’s schedule.
  3. Classy Guy, you are Brother. But, John King (for whatever reason) is NOT trying to schedule you guys for a preseason. It would unequivocally make us better as a team, though. I’m definitely all for it. As the younger generation would say, “He AIN’T trying to catch that fade!” In his latter years, he’s ducking and dodging ALL smoke that he can. He’d put the Marshall Mavericks on the schedule 2-3 times straight rather than to put y’all on ONCE!
  4. So, the 55+ year old ADULT who was hired to COACH these TEENAGERS has no culpability in his UNDISCIPLINED azz team year after year after year after year!!!!????? I’m trying to figure out who enforces discipline??? The Head Coach or the Teenage kids??? I can promise you, Scott Surratt ain’t working towards his 10th State Championship in 15 or so years by having an undisciplined group of kids that REFUSE to listen and do what they want to do. But, keep being an apologist. That’s the reason his azz REFUSES to change right there. We got waaaay too many apologists and not enough enforcers that will say, “We Love You, John King but got-damnit, ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!! Hell, why would he change!!!??? I wouldn’t either if y’all were smelling the center of my rectum like y’all do for him. I’m going to do the absolute BARE MINIMUM as a coach but, I want the results of those coaches who go the extra mile but, I ain’t willing to do what it takes to invoke that type of change.
  5. @JohnnyFootball @EastTexasKnowItAll I want both of y’all to tell me what’s so got-damn hilarious about the TRUTH!!!??? Or, is @HearEmaGrowlin just blatantly lying on our program. If, there’s ANY fanbase that I would listen to in regards to struggle vs success, the Carthage Bulldogs fanbase is without a doubt one of them. It baffles me that y’all will laugh and make a mockery out of people who have witnessed mediocrity in their respective program and have one of IF not the most successful football program in the entire State of Texas. The act of DISMISSIVENESS towards the most successful football program in the last 10-15 years says all you need to know why we keep going through the same old bullsh** every got-damn year. You’ll have an excuse for John King for the next 20 years and when he FINALLY gets one, you’ll be on here talking about, “I told you so!”
  6. Yeah, do NOT speculate or I will be forced to THRASH you! You don’t want to see me flex my muscle on here! When I show all of y’all on here my biceps you will be intimidated. So, it’s in everyone’s BEST interest to be scared of me and recognize who I am. As a matter of fact, I’m sick and tired of everyone getting off topic myself. From now on everyone on this board BETTER start bowing down to me and get my approval before any posting can be done.
  7. What is the psychology of abuse of power? Power abusers can be authoritarian and insecure They may have a rigid, hierarchical worldview and a desire for control and dominance over others. They may not like people disagreeing with them or criticising them and may use intimidation or coercion to hold onto power.
  8. @Mr. P Hey, you guys did an awesome job this past week and the fans really appreciate you all and your commitment to all things Lobo Football and Longview I.S.D. Real Talk. Now……….., with that being said, you should’ve known that this was prefaced with a caveat coming from me so, don’t start! Whomever was operating the camera exhibited some “NFHS” moments this past Friday by not keeping the camera on the players a few times and you ALREADY know I was getting the ultimate, mental “booster-cable” charge as I franticly watched the cameraman/woman focus on the granules beneath the turf as the play was ensuing. I have to give them a pass because of who it was being our student body and the unfortunate circumstances y’all had to operate in. I was STILL saying to myself, “NFHS done struck again……….” SMDH. I’d be straight up lying if I was to tell you that I wasn’t going from 0 to 100 as it was happening, though.
  9. I never even remotely said it was you, Stepp. I clearly emphasized that (I BELIEVE) as senile as it may seem that the powers that be in Mesquite I.S.D. basically abused the little power/authority that they had as a leverage tool to get back at Longview High for us continuously beating the brakes off of them year in and year out. It’s a jealously/envious type of move and they didn’t care who or how it affected said entities. When we rolled our azzes up to Mesquite Memorial Stadium with Lobos on our chest, the fix was already in to take out their frustrations on our personnel and them affecting our students and making them sit in the rain was a pure “female dog” move and I can tell you that they were content with what they done and it was most definitely personal. No one can convince me otherwise.
  10. Well your boi @MattStepp said differently…… I appreciate his work over the years but, I’m with you 100% on this. To ME, it seemed personal and I’ve stated my reason already behind that and I don’t believe it’s too far fetched to believe otherwise.
  11. If, we had’ve lost, it would’ve been on the front page of Dallas Morning News sports page. FULL PAGE. I can guarantee you that.
  12. Golden. Thanks, Bro. NFHS, still needs their azz beat, though……..
  13. Well, curious minds like MYSELF really want to know EXACTLY how DOES it work, Matt. And, I ain’t being a smart azz by any stretch. I want to know (IN DETAIL) how does it work because what most of us witnessed last year with NFHS in that online streaming debacle was just about egregious as it gets. If, that’s the standard for “getting the bag” real quick and bouncing, then sign me up. I got an Android in the dresser drawer somewhere (preferably a flip phone) that I can use to ruin some fanbase’s weekend.
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