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  1. Congrats to Marshall you guys turned it on and didn't look back...jacksonville hopefully ya'll can bounce back still in the mix.
  2. Yeah that beer made me pick Whitehouse and Nac pretty crazy huh lol
  3. Not going to compare Marshall with any of Jacksonville opponents but if they can play with that effort which they did against Henderson even though they lost and this last game against Hallsville may can win this one...Marshall what can I say seems to be playing really well so jacksonville will probably need to be dang near perfect.
  4. Just sad my man just sad sad sad..I just don't understand it at all.
  5. If the Inians can play better(the letter that's missing in team name)they can possibly win this game,but offense has to start better then it did in the Crandall game and definitely better than it did this last game
  6. True...I know he's the head man but I wouldn't put it all on him though.
  7. Thanks...proud of them for showing some fight but especially not getting shut out lol..anyway good luck to the Tigers as well.
  8. Yes I agree Nac held Jax in check offensively but like I said take away those two scores we talking Jax win...and what the refs didn't call I can't help...anyway not going to argue about what could've happen on to next game.
  9. Those two defensive td's Nac got won that game other than that we may be talking Jax win oh well it happens.
  10. What Matt is saying is true but I also agree with you as well those issues were there when Long was coach too...to me personally losing has become a mindset here alot of these kids don't realize how good jacksonville football use to be...you can show them old films and YouTube videos and they are amazed that it was actual winning around here...hopefully it'll get back on track.
  11. Jacksonville football smh...just roll out the basketballs please.
  12. Yes I'll second that need to have a good off season....u may or may not agree with me on this but we need to get more young men to play and and the few good players we have need to stay u should know what I'm saying.
  13. As a Ndn fan I enjoyed that our boys didn't quit fought to the final horn hopefully they can take that into next season...Jenkins is awesome..good luck in the first round just need that secondary to tighten up.
  14. Lol...if u really knew but hey congrats to the Tigers.
  15. Jax played better defensively against Whitehouse still gave up a couple big plays but other than that great effort hopefully that'll carry over into this game...just need the offense to get back on track these last two games have been shaky.
  16. Calm down lol I didn't take anything away from what Nac did last night...but just my opinion I felt Jax could've done better.
  17. Congrats to Nac on the win but idk if it says much in beating a Jax team that just seemed flat not trying to take anything away from what Nac did tonight I guess I expected more out of Jax tonight.
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