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  1. Anybody have all the stats from the last game between these 2 teams?. I'd like to see em.
  2. Just gonna leave this here for y'all
  3. In my opinion will have more problems will 42 than 3. We have the speed to stop those big runs to the outside, but for some reason we can't stop a runny nose up the middle lol
  4. 42 and 3 were still in with 4 minutes left when I left. 42 had just scored.
  5. #3 and #42 both are beasts. 3 is fast on offense and always at the ball on defense. #42 runs hard up the middle. Daingerfield wins by at 3 touchdowns just by stopping one of them.
  6. I was wrong about the Waskom game but right on this Pewitt game. I haven't posted this week because I didn't want to get mad about all the junk talked about our coach and our"Banker". Our coach and his family are good people and whether you agree on his strategy or not that doesn't make him a bad guy. The "Banker" as he has been called isnt from here but his wife is. He has taken over the baseball program in Daingerfield, which nobody wanted. He took a srat on the school board unopposed. He didnt have to do any of that. If you don't like what's going on in Daingerfield step up or shut up. I
  7. Dude. Do you really want to have a spelling contest?
  8. Lmao. How is somebody with a little ole peanut head like you gonna call sombody an idiot?
  9. Daingerfield easily wins this by 3 touchdowns or more. I will actually be surprised if Waskom can muster 100 yards rushing. I don't understand how anyone who has seen them play can think they have speed. They may be the slowest team I have watched this year. And to kill 2 birds with one post, I can't wait to hear all the whining from Pewitt in a couple of weeks about how Daingerfield runs up the score. Lol. #kissmybudlitebarfightlawnmowerridingbutt
  10. Henderson girls are playing a playoff game against Gladewater Thursday. That may explain the post. Maybe. Lol
  11. Do Athletic Directors even drive buses? Lol. I bet we can find someone willing to drive the team to games.
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