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  1. He has 3 Super Bowls that prove he knows how to win. Teams change all the time. All kinds of reasons a team does not get more Super Bowls. The drive has always been there and everything from coaching, injuries, bad decisions, refs, Goodell and a whole plethora of reasons the Cowboys have not won. Jerry is not one of those reasons.
  2. Jerry loves winning above all else. However, NFL teams are a business and need to make money. Jerry has kept such a good product here that the Cowboys will make money winning or losing. Make no mistake about Jerry's passion to win. He has since let Stephen make more of the decisions but Jerry is still in the room discussing it all.
  3. Yes, they are both right. Dallas has always gotten the best from other teams just because of who they are. I like AB's thought process. We need to be pro-active in everything. Including defense. Don't wait for the receiver to catch the ball. Don't wait for the runner to make a tackle. Make those players change their minds on everything. Hit them first. Go after that ball. It's yours anyway if you want it. Don't wait on blocking someone. Pound them first before they can make a move.
  4. I give Dallas a solid "B' in this draft. Parsons has potential to be really good. I personally do not think he has the field smarts of either LVE or Jaylon. But he does make up for it in athleticism. If he can learn the system then he will be a much better player for us. If not then the time lost with him thinking about a play will reduce his effectiveness. I look for LVE and Jaylon to both have very good seasons. Kelvin Joseph I don't have much thought either way since I have not seen him play. I believe Osa will be a solid pickup for us in the middle of the line. He should break into the lineup during this season I hope. I look for Nahshon Wright will get a lot of playing time this season. Jabril Cox also shows good potential to make and get in rotation this season. Dallas addressed most of their needs this season with good players. We did not need another qb, running back or wr. Getting someone that can be a long snapper for us will also be a key position to watch. With most of our "A" team healthy we should be back in the hunt this season.
  5. I look for Dallas to have a blowout win against the Rams. Not paying attention to the kneeling ####. Too much has been said about that anyway. It's time to move on.
  6. Looks to me like Coach McCarthy will get a chance to control the team. With new coaches and plenty of new faces. We will see how much use he put his "analytics analysis" to heart.
  7. I think Maher will be sufficient. Once we get the players on board both defense and offense we should be pretty solid. I think depth will be much better this season. Barring injuries and (more) suspensions. We still have a young team. As much that it hurts to not play some players because of holdouts or suspensions and healing from surgery it is helping our new young players get valuable experience. That will only help us later in the season.
  8. This will be the year that Jason Garrett's team finally falls in place. He has got most every position settled now. Even with Zeke out, there is still optimism with Pollard and Weber and Morris. I believe Coach Moore and Coach Kitna have done some good things with our offense. Can't wait to see some of these new twists that Coach Moore has instilled. It's going to be very nice to see the fruits of Coach Richard after a full season and offseason. He has done wonders for our defensive backs. He should be putting his stamp on our defense with some very good young players. We will not have a problem with Safety this year like so many assume. Heath will still be plugging away. Not sure if Iloka is good enough to displace him. We will be fine there and Corner. With Coach Richard's knowledge of defense I look forward to see how he puts his mark on our passing game.
  9. I think it was the smart call. You are at your 45 yard line. If you do not make it then you risk giving them short field and what 30 yards and a field goal. We had not run the ball consistently all day. Better to punt and force them to drive 60 or 70 yards. In hindsight our defense broke down. The one pass play and that pretty much sealed it.
  10. Of course I'm taking Dallas in this one. If Vander Esch can go he really gives us some added depth at linebacker. I really like our corners! Chido and B. Jones are going to have a hayday playing there for us. I have to worry about if Woods and Frazier will be up to par the first game or two. Now let's hope that Joe Looney can hold secure the center position. Frederick was the leader and called the assignments on the line. I think this position will be the most important one for us on offense.
  11. I also wondered if his injury factored into his retiring. I liked his running style while he was with us. It seemed to me I was in my early 40's when the wheels starting deflating. Playing fullcourt basketball with college and high school kids 4 days a week caught up. Seemed like overnight I could forget the fast break. I think all the rigors of training does keep us going longer but I firmly believe that the injuries wear and tear takes it toll quicker.
  12. Hey I would be there for you! Of course it would have to be when I am not doing my "Color Commentating" for the network...... LOL!
  13. This game seems to be a push for me. The Chiefs have the edge in the kicking game and turnover surplus. Dallas protects their QB far better than the Chiefs do. Dallas' ability to get to the QB is also far better than the Chiefs. Bottom line on defense is both teams are giving up 23 points a game.
  14. It is great that we got Nugent on the field goals. Heath would never had made those. Good hard fought game by the Cowboys.
  15. I streamed the game on my tv. It was not televised here in Indiana. Except on Sunday Ticket.
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