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  1. Definitely could see a very low scoring game.
  2. Hey guys!!! Friend of mine asked me to log on and update the Smoaky faithful. 1. I never did get the call 2. ND went on to a record season the next year and made it to Regional finals 3. Kevin never got his $700 back 4. Salty has been arrested twice in the past year for crimes involving minors.
  3. Koodos to the Gunter Tigers on what you guys have accomplished. Gunter is the standard for where all high school football programs in Texas want to be. Saw a great video this am on the program. Go Eagles...let’s represent the 903 with class
  4. Battle for play-off spot starts early.
  5. Hey salty1. Give me a call. Several things I would like to discuss. You have been bashing me for a couple of years and I would love to discuss it with you. You seem to not like the direction of the program, the choices the school has made in coaching changes, and you have put down my son. I don't need to hide behind a screen name. Not one time have I commented or tried to even acknowledge your petty comments. I have restrained myself from commenting about anything you have to say or any opinion you may have. There is not a single organization in town that you have been a part of that has not come up missing money but I just let it go. You don't even have any kids in the program but you continue to denegrate the kids and coaches that are in the program. If you are so in love with the program and coaches 5 miles down the road...then move over there. I won't sit by and let you run your mouth any more.
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