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  1. Makes perfect sense. Kind of what I was getting at just stated different.
  2. Mason suits up 40 kids plus JV but honestly about 15 of them play and they’re tough
  3. That was a well oiled machine we played tonight. When comparing size, SA is bigger. When comparing speed, SA is quicker. However, I have to say they execute very well. They get off the bell very well. They hit gaps methodically and use a power run game to their advantage. Even when you know what’s coming it’s hard to stop. It was very obvious they have run those plays for a long time and they run them very well. Then those swift kicks on kickoffs will rock ur world they don’t mix with cold hands. We got beat by a very good football team tonight. I honestly think they looked a lot like the Comfort team we played in 03. Not much changed they just beat us. It’s no ones fault. I won’t blame a kid and sure won’t blame a coach, they just beat us plain and simple.
  4. No doubt Ride no doubt. Thanks for the colorful comments the last few weeks. That’s a good football team. No reason they don’t run away with it next week
  5. Then enlighten us oh mighty one. Apparently your offense didn’t work long before this week.
  6. Im here and Mason is very good. Have we made bad plays and mistakes yes and they have capitalized on every one. Don’t blame the coaches and don’t blame the kids. We are just getting beat.
  7. Pretty sure you’re the one that couldn’t take it when I said Mason wouldn’t win, but hey you can’t see the Forest for the Trees. All good here. We play to win. Doesn’t always happen just like in life, but we think we have a chance. Honestly, I could careless about who you think will win
  8. Very true...but a little smack talk as long as it doesn’t cross the line doesn’t hurt either. I can assure you I’ve lost way more times than I’ll ever win and that’s ok. Will I gloat a little if we win, you bet, but I’ll also be the first to congratulate the Punchers if they win and to me that’s fair enough. Folks need to quit wearing their feelings on their sleeves
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