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  1. In 3 seasons at Tatum, Holman was 19-12
  2. Hopefully Holman can turn things around at jax
  3. Big reg we need to put on the pads and show em how it's done
  4. Look, I'm not gonna keep going back and forth with you, I just wanna win, want Jax to win that's all I want, Im very frustrated with Jax football currently
  5. Thats what I thought, you call me a coward, I've identified myself on here, your the coward
  6. Whats your name and accomplishments at Jax/life?
  7. Since you want to attack me personally, I was hardly a failure at Jax athletics as you put it, myself and Reggie Carter signed/ played at Navarro juco, the only indians to have done so , I then went on to have a successful career in the military, you don't know anything about me
  8. You know nothing about being selfless, I served my country, something you couldn't do. All I hear are more and more excuses from you, pathetic
  9. Waxahache game? You didnt do squat it that game. Your a legend in your own mind
  10. Tear down? Jealously? What are you talking about? You didn't get the job done period
  11. Feeble mind? Stupidity? I didn't attack you personally like your doing to me. There's no need to talk, you can't defend giving up 39 pts a game, ridiculous
  12. Now that Jax will be dropping to 4a, hopefully it will attract more applicants
  13. Defensive coordinator k canadys unit gave up 39 pts a game , that's why he has no business being Jax head coach
  14. But, as you know matt, we have a lot of good/great athlete's at Jax every year, just have to get more kids involved, and we will be competitive again
  15. Exactly, the new coaching staff will hopefully fix the problem
  16. Yes, hopefully the right hire is made to turn things around
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