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  1. Battle for the basement, picks
  2. Anything will help Jax at this point
  3. A new coaching staff has to breathe new life into the program
  4. Jax does and has always had some Hispanics on the roster, even when I played in early 90s. I now live in El Paso, 90 percent Hispanic and we're not exactly known to be a football powerhouse out here.
  5. If what your saying is true, why doesn't marshall have a lot of Hispanic players on their team?
  6. I've spoken at length to both Danny long and Wayne Coleman on the Hispanic issue, I won't repeat what they said. I feel it's an excuse, you have to get it done with what you have period
  7. When I played for Jax in 93 we went to Henderson and won 10-6, Henderson had Adrian Dudley then
  8. Sad to hear that
  9. Yup, not looking good for Jax
  10. Must win for both teams to stay alive for playoffs, though that's a stretch
  11. 28-0, Jax laying another egg
  12. Coleman was my off coordinator at Jax from 92-94, great guy, but time for him to go
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