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  1. You and your boyfriend got us kicked off
  2. Kids are bored with playing down. I expect them to be pumped up come playoffs.
  3. 5a private school. 63 on there roster
  4. Newton Scrimmaged both Nederland and LCM. Did really well against them.
  5. False? They were both at my my house recently. Gatson is bigger
  6. You’ll be adding Newton to that district next year
  7. Gatson is bigger than Barlow now. Penland was one of the best backs we ever had..05 State team. He was just small but his vision was insane.
  8. He told me he’d be the highest recruited back. Even more so than Kevin Shorter.
  9. Got a big Freshman class. The Senior and Jr Class are small.
  10. He’s at TJC if he does good this year he’ll join the group at TCU
  11. Hunter is playing. Go to church with him. Dillion Brown is a Freshman this year and will possibly move up. He’s bigger that Tamauzia and has the height.
  12. Reply. He’s back and has been in work outs all summer with the team. This is a game changer
  13. I know one thing that’s encouraging.....Gatson been at the summer work outs everyday.
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