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  1. Melissa should be pretty salty. They have a lot of potential but hopefully it will translate... Melissas oline is really big with an average weight across of 287lbs. This will be the biggest oline they’ve ever had. Melissa has always struggled with moving bigger dlines out because they were just small. This won’t be an issue this year. Skill kids are as good as always with 2 receivers that are 6’3 and 6’4 respectively along with others that will prove to be really good. Melissa again will have a number of running backs that will be legit. Offensively Melissa will score tons of points yet again but that’s never been much of a problem. On defense they will be way bigger on the dline and at linebackers. Secondary will be young but very athletic. The defense will be much batter if anything because of size.
  2. I think Argyle will be pushed a little more this year by both Melissa and Paris.
  3. For some reason i envision tomorrow nights game going just like this...
  4. If Melissa can duplicate what they did last year against La Vega I think Melissa can win this....
  5. I dont know how a shootout can be avoided unless either team just poops the bed and I dont think thats happening....
  6. Well it game day and its nice and crisp this morning with fall in the air... Gonna be perfect weather tonight so no weather elements should effect the game. Coach Nally Melissa's head coach has preached all year dont get to high and dont get to low to the players and they are all business im hearing this week, this should be epic!!!
  7. For some reason i envision tomorrow nights game going just like this...
  8. Melissa isnt gonna take the field and wow you with size like Argyle will but i guarantee Argyle isnt gonna just roll up to the stadium and have a dub before they take the field.
  9. No doubt and Melissa has that on there side. They know how to get punched in the face fall down and get back up fight and win. Im not tryin to be a homer but I really believe in this team and think they have a shot this year to play in december!!!!
  10. Melissa will be fine, I for one havent felt this confident about them beating Argyle ever. This group knows how to win and knows what its like to be in a dog fight, last years La Vega game and the Stephenville game two weeks ago. One thing Argyle has not been good at over the years is a dog fight. They typically blow teams out or they just flat get beat because the other team has more talent and can overcome Argyles ability to not screw up....
  11. Breaden Smith is actually closer to 215lbs, he is a very thick kid who has great vision and is very powerful. Sam Fennegan is ranked the #9 pro style qb in the 2022 class, but he has some wheels, he just chooses to pass first if he can find a receiver so he doesnt run as much. Sam's brother is a qb at Boise State and they play a lot alike. Melissa's offense is loaded like you said so I dont need to go much further.Melissa's defense gets a bad rap because of the Sville game but the defense isnt as bad as that score showed. Adjustments have been made so hopefully the outsides will be sored up now. As far as the dline goes Melissa has been missing Dax Ogden the last few weeks to a minor injury, but he is back. He is a very strong stout kid that has lived in the backfield this year and will be playing tomorrow. The dline is actually pretty good they just arnt real big. They are tall though Nigel Smith 6'5 225, Isaiah Cherry 6'3 205, Dax Ogden 6'0 210 of course then the others. Linebacker are a little smaller both are around 5'11 185 they look a lot alike on the field but they will knock your head off. Kale Brakebill outside linebacker has been the best out of all of them to me, he goes 6'2 190 and has played really good with 4 or 5 sacks. Anyways hopefully everything is fixed and the defense will perform at a high level. Ive said it every year, getting pressure on Argyles qb is so difficult but hopefully this year with a better secondary Melissa can cover the receivers long enough for the others to get in the backfield.
  12. I dont know but I hope it ends friday lol...Its got to end sometime might as well be tomorrow!!!
  13. All Melissa needs to do is keep the game close and in a weird strange kinda way they win, let me explain. Nobody thinks Melissa is gonna win so in reality Argyle has all the pressure in this game. If Melissa wins then Melissa is propelled to the #1 team in the state and Argyle loses that spot but even more Argyle will be looked at not as good as people thought or Melissa is just that good. If Melissa loses but keeps the game close Argyle keeps the #1 spot but Melissa gains confidence and knows how close they are and would set up a battle in the playoffs. Im not sure if this makes sense or not? Either way as long as Melissa doesnt get blown out which they wont they win either on the score bored or psychologically... I know the players and coaches believe they can win this game, I cant say they always thought that in the past.
  14. This is going to be a better game then I think most believe.
  15. After watching Sunnyvale I think Melissa wins wins pretty decisively...
  16. I dont know who to pick in this game. Will Celina be hungry or will they be defeated from last week? If they lose and go down 0-2 the Argyle in my mind loses a lot of meaning for them. If Celina goes 0-3 then that has to be a huge blow because ive heard for a few years now this year is the team that going all the way.
  17. Celina's firs three games are brutal to say the least, but I assume they needed to play some good teams because Celina has zero competition in district.
  18. This should be another good game this week. Celina has a strong defense but against Melissa the offense pretty much looked the same as in the last few years except without Logan Point who could take a hit and keep moving forward. If Paris can take away the big 6'7 receiver from Celina the passing game is non factor. I do think Celina's defense will keep them in this game however, question is can Celina muster up some offense. I think this will be a low scoring affair. Also Celina has a really good sophomore kid that has good size playing running back they need to utilize more. The kid is gonna be a monster.
  19. I dont know much about Sunnyvale so any insight would be great. I do know they were ranked #7 in 4a dll and got beat pretty solidly by Waco Conally. In saying that im going with Melissa lol Melissa 42 Sunnyvale 14
  20. Yes I can assure you there oline can handle the PG dline. Argyles oline is huge with no fatties just tall big kids. Its insane how they get these big kids every single year. Like it seriously makes no sense, they never ever have an olineman under 6'2 and 250lbs ever. They just make a wall of humanity and don't get moved. I could understand of they were a 6a school with these big kids but they have had them the last 10 years. I dont get it lol.
  21. By the way I was pretty close on my prediction for this game, I said 35 to 21
  22. Starting qb got hurt in practice last week. Backup qb got hurt in the game tonight. The 3rd qb just moved to Melissa last week and got thrown into the fire tonight. He came from a 5a school and was the starter there so its not like he is some reciever thrown into play qb. He is the real deal and really good. The runningback broke his hand but should be back within the next week or two along with the 1st qb .
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