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  1. Yes and it's pretty amazing to see how much bigger they have gotten. I'll have to say Melissa has a great off season program.
  2. We have 3 legit running backs. Jabray Young 5'10 200, Sophmore Brelynn Armstrong 5'9 195 and Sophmore Chance Mapps 5'8 170
  3. Kinda like it's hard for me to take anybody with an Aggie logo serious.
  4. It's gonna be a battle, but Celina pulls it out.
  5. I think your gonna miss out. This game could be a shootout.
  6. I'm not talking about all Gilmer fans as the majority are good humble fans, but some are idiots.
  7. I can live with that although I think Melissa is about to shock y'all.
  8. Lmao ok. Again read what I typed and comprehend or do I need to draw you a picture? Regardless of who you are winning a playoff game is an accomplishment because you move onto the next round. It is obviously not the goal. It is also clearly obvious you are trying to stir stuff up by comparing and putting down other teams. All I saw last week was how Rusk and Jasper were gonna beat Melissa and Celina because of the athletes those teams were far more superior. Well Rusk and Jasper with all those athletes are dribbling and shooting baskets now. I hope the players and coaches at Gilmer and Pleasant Grove think as highly about Melissa and Celina as a lot of the fans do from these towns. By the way there are some really great Gilmer fans that have been around a long time on here who are humble and support the Buckeyes without being arrogant. Some of you should take notice and learn.
  9. I'm pretty sure winning a playoff game is an accomplishment. It's not the goal, but accomplishment yes.
  10. Not the same Melissa team even from the start of the year. We have a ton of young guys and first year varsity guys and they have grown up a lot. A month and a half ago, I would have said Gilmer beats us bad, but these kids have grown up so much and have turned the corner. Will it be enough to knock off the vaunted Poison nut will see, but Gilmer better bring it because I assure Melissa will.
  11. No bashing, but not many people on this site thought we could beat Rusk including most If not all Gilmer fans on here. Then you got some retards on the fox app from Gilmer declaring a blowout more or less.
  12. Well let the hating begin on how Melissa has no chance and Gilmer has owned Melissa blah, blah. Gilmer will be the favorite going into this game it should be epic.
  13. Heck Melissa didn't have a high school until 2004 and they were 2a and now has passed Celina number wise for the short term.
  14. Rusk was very good and lots of speed. I was impressed with how hard they played. I was also impressed with the oline they did very good blocking.
  15. Bro don't be so bitter.I know y'all scored on some passing plays, but not enough obviously. Jaspers passing game is not good because that's not what y'all do. I'm not knocking Jasper.
  16. Best team won. Jasper had a good season and team, but gotta be able to pass the ball.
  17. It's game day boys and girls safe, travels to all.
  18. No lol, I'm just jacking around also. This week is dragging and emotions tend to flare up lol.
  19. Why do you have to be sarcastic? Like seriously do you not believe that teams can get a lot better of the course of the football season? Maybe Caddo Mills and Melissa are better than you think or would dare give them credit for. Melissa has so many kids that had NO varsity experience starting this year.
  20. Ok cool you are right LC beat Melissa and Gilmer destroyed LC, so we have no chance. Although we are starting numerous sophmores who played their first varsity game against LC including our qb, but I seriously doubt they have gotten any better. I mean our sophmore qb has only thrown for 2600 yards, 800 rushing yards and 32 tds this year. I doubt he has gotten any better along with the other young guys since week 0.
  21. I've said this before and I'll say it again. LC had 7 starters out against Gilmer. You can't have 1 or 2 starters out and beat Gilmer much less 7.
  22. Let's not forget Melissa beat Celina by 21 and should have been 28. Argyle only beat Celina by 15 and Argyle could not stop Celinas qb from running which Melissa stoned him. Melissa also gave up 0 passing yards to Celina. Not saying this proves anything, but Celina went toe to toe with the #2 team in 4a d1 and only lost by 15 and again Melissa beat Celina by 21.
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