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  1. I'm not trying to knock Jasper at all, I just noticed they don't pass the ball very much and it very hard to win at this level if your not balanced. I don't think Pleasant Grove will get past the 4th round because they arnt balanced. I think it's gonna be very difficult for Jasper to constantly run on Celinas 10-1 defense regardless of how big the oline is.
  2. 83 passing Attemps by Jasper this year.
  3. I'm not saying Jasper can't pass cause I dont really know other than the stats.
  4. Actually was reading states at it shows Jasper has only 700+ yards passing in 10 games. If that's correct that's awful.
  5. In all reality this will be a huge test for Melissa because Rusk I believe will be the fastest team we have faced so far. Princeton was fast, but I don't think they had as many fast kids as Rusk will have.
  6. It could most definitely happen.
  7. Because may be teams in our district arnt as bad as what some think.
  8. Apparently you love to exaggerate because nobody said that.
  9. All I'm saying is it's tough to run when the defense is lining 10 guys up in the box. I watched some of Jaspers games and it "could" be difficult for Jasper to run the ball really effectively.
  10. I assure you they have seen speed in Melissa and you will soon see that Melissa is fast.
  11. The offense Jasper runs is not a good offense to run against Celinas 10-1 defense. Not saying Celina can shut it down, but the defense is great against this type of offense.
  12. I'm not discrediting the your kids at all. I just know that if Melissa is on they are really dang good. Also Melissa's starters have only played two full games all year. Typically the starts are pulled in the 3qt.
  13. Not to be arrogant but after watching Rusk on film if Melissa comes out hitting on all cylinders it could be a long night for Rusk.
  14. This won't be a high scoring game unless Jasper runs away with It and scores all the points. I think it will be a defensive game. Celina is one dimensional this year and has no passing game. Melissa gave up 0 passing yards to Celina 0-12. Celina has a really big oline and will try to pound the ball. Celina wins close or Jasper wins big.
  15. Probably the biggest plus in my mind about this Melissa team is how physical they have become. Poor Dallas Lincoln tapped out pretty quick tonight. The Lincoln running backs were tapping out and being layed out.
  16. Rusk looks pretty dang good and destroyed Pittsburg. Melissa is gonna have to come out hot from the start. I did notice that Rusks linemen go both ways which could hurt them if Melissa goes up tempo.
  17. So I'm hearing Friday at 7:30 in Corsicana.
  18. Melissa beat Hempstead in the state championship. Melissa has one state title in 2011
  19. I'll say this we have speed all over the field. On offense our qb 6'3 and has a cannon and is a terrific runner. We have two wide receivers that are tall 6'2 and 6'4 that can fly and jump lol. Our starting rb in 5'10 200lbs and cut up, he runs a legit 4.4 40 that was timed at a Nike runningbacks camp. Defensive line is pretty stout and gets pressure on the qb. Linebackers are fast and aggressive. Secondary is led by our 6'2 210lb safety Tate Wittington who could play linebacker in college if he doesn't go play baseball. Db's are not tall but very fast. Our secondary has a lot of picks this year's. The defense is legit fast and aggressive. Ok let the hate begin again lol.
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