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  1. I just wish we had more fans from Melissa and North Texas that could help me out of here.
  2. Melissa started out at 25 at the start of the year then got beat the first game and dropped out. When Melissa beat Celina then Aubrey they jumped to 10 in Dave Campbell's. I suspect that Melissa jumped so much because they beat Celina by 21 which should have been 28 and Argyle beat Celina by 15. Melissa also gave up 0 passing yards to Celina and was able to stop Celinas best runner the qb who ran all over Argyle. Melissa gave up less than 150 yards of offense to Celina. None of that is a knock on Argyle either. I just think that gasme opened peoples eyes and saw Melissa is pretty good.
  3. Those two teams started out ranked higher than Melissa at the beginning of the year.
  4. I've witnessed some of the Gilmer folks doing the same thing. I read where they were wanting the DC fired and talking smack about how bad the defense was. Now they are good again and playing better. Of course when I say Melissa is better and improved especially since Liberty Christian it's just not possible.
  5. First off that was the 1st game of the year. Second Melissa is really young relying on a lot of kids with no varsity experience and starting numerous sophmores at skilled positions including the most important position qb. Lastly when Gilmer played Liberty Christian they had 7 starters out hurt. You take 7 starters from any team and they are probably not gonna do very good. I will be the first to admit after playing Liberty Christian I was worried, but this team has grown so much and are playing really good. By all means though please take Melissa lightly.
  6. lol well glad y'all believe someone not from the far wonder east
  7. went from not being in the top 25 to 10th.
  8. Idk but Dave Campbell is high on them they are ranked 10 now and Max Preps has the at 6.
  9. Besides who cares bottom line is Melissa isn't worried or intimidated by east texas teams. Let's just have fun and enjoy the ride.
  10. I never said all the players, but the young guys and new guys don't. Again these kids come from way bigger schools that arnt interested in Gilmer.
  11. Nothing wrong with it at all. Y'all are just so dogmatic about it. I mean y'all probably think every team in your district can beat all 32 NFL teams in the same night.
  12. Blasphemy, thou salt not speak of such apocalyptic things on this East Texas message board. For thy man that speaketh and wrought such grotesk things shall be stoned to death for thy sin.
  13. They throwing up rooftops fast here.
  14. School districts are crazy here. This entire area is booming. Melissa is building a 4 story high school as we speak that will hold 3500 kids.
  15. It's pretty crazy for sure. You go on other sports forums across the state and they don't act like these folks. Some of these people are like zombies that just attack in droves. I think they are all related lol.
  16. Yes McKinney, both towns and school districts are lined with each other. There are new subdivisions that are in McKinney city limits but Melissa Isd. Also McKinney North Bulldogs school is 5 minutes from Melissa High School.
  17. Gilmer isnt the only good football program in Texas lol. A lot of the young guys on Melissa's team are move ins from bigger schools like the McKinney schools who have never played Gilmer nor would need to know about them. It was amazing seeing the kids attitude this year about Celina a team that has beat up on Melissa the last few years. They went into the game focused and intense believing they would win. Gilmer will be no different. I've noticed that when you get kids that move in from bigger schools 5a and 6a they arnt intimidated by teams like Gilmer and Celina.
  18. I assure you Melissa could careless about Gilmers past achievements trust me and to be completely honest a lot of these kids don't even know who Gilmer is especially the new kids. The players that did play against Gilmer last year are not worried at all about Gilmer. That's not being cocky they are just not worried about any team.
  19. Melissa is really good with speed everywhere and some really good athletes. Most people in east texas discount them because Gilmer has throttled them the past few years, but this Melissa team is so much better then those and people will notice after next week. They are very young, but loaded on both sides of the ball. The starters haven't played a full game since Princeton back in week 4. They are gonna sneak up on teams.
  20. https://m.hudl.com/profile/7929951/brendon-lewis Both are great athletes
  21. Melissa Cardinals breaking into the top 10. Max preps has them at #6.
  22. Ok I think I got it figured out thx for your responses
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