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  1. Ok a buddy and I really want to come to this game, but unfortunately we live in the df dub and im almost positive tickemaster isnt selling tickets for this game lol. Can anybody give me some pointers/ideas on how we can get tickets??? I'm sure it will impossible to get a ticket at the gate.
  2. Texasdownlow is dead. Theoldcoach only cares about 5a and 6a schools, so hopefully more people will post on smoaky.
  3. I want to know why the Argyle Eagles and Liberty Christian don't play each other? That would be an awesome cross town rivalry.
  4. Gonna be a good ole ball game folks. Liberty Christian is way different than last year's team and they have 4 d1 players. They shocked Celina last week and rumor has it the score should have been a lot worse. I'm leaning Gilmer wins in a low scoring game, but would not be surprised if Liberty wins. Gilmer 21 Liberty 17
  5. I hope Argyle and Carthage play for the title. That will be a fun game.
  6. Argyle can name there score against Celina lol. It will be ugly fast unless Argyle forgets how to play football...
  7. Celina should NOT have won lol. Liberty Christian should have scored at least two more touchdowns, but fumbled the ball twice. Liberty Christians dline destroyed Celinas oline all night.
  8. Princeton could and should have beat them last week and Liberty Christian this week has a great chance of winning. Liberty Christian has 4 d1 players...
  9. Argyle will destroy Celina. They will be able to put 60 on Celina if they want.
  10. I agree we need to put this to be bed.
  11. What are you talking about? The announcer said at the game Lovejoy was ranked number 8 in 5a. I'm only going off what he said. As for Argyle they may not have been able to score 100 on Lovejoy, but they could have scored 60 easily had they not took out the starters in the 2nd half and ran the ball the entire time. Not sure why your throwing out insults at me?
  12. I don't know what poll he was referring to either. He said Argyle was ranked #1 in 4a which I can believe after seeing them play.
  13. Maybe so I don't have any idea just what he said. Either way it was an #### woopin
  14. At the game the other night the announcer said they were ranked 8th in 5a
  15. I've seen Argyle play a bunch and this team is by far the best they have ever had. They are loaded everywhere. I went and watched them Saturday against lovejoy and they destroyed them. I'm gonna go watch Carthage play Gilmer in a few weeks and I can give a comparison. Honestly though I don't see how any 4a teasm is gonna beat them. I know Caethage is really good and a juggernaut, but this Argyle team is on a different level. Oline is huge and makes gigantic holes, qb is deadly accurate, receivers run great routes, running back is hard to bring down. Defense is hard hitting and always in the right place. Oh yeah Argyle could have put up 60 points on Lovejoy, but they called the dogs off after halftime. Just a complete dismantling of a top 10 5a team.
  16. https://lm.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fattribution_link%3Fa%3DcbpigR4LqLo%26u%3D%252Fwatch%253Fv%253D19FwFcctSE0%2526feature%253Dshare&h=ATPpZw5BmzmB6MZnblPoHUN3FI3izeV3sCAXzBqGF2WLRmHGYtWTLH1h2bGDJhAPJ7y0I7hpF3ZBPAdgj7cCo-RIdpp6YKQw0p4Y2qKL0V2jol53ulF_qhZw9sWkCC8TeN50YC3dq1BsZIco6YlDqW9J7S6z&enc=AZPmCSr5gkvXOloHRHbiqt-ioGtvMvq5J6Aw9qIRxjRocDcZyAeDSvd5Vo0OU7Zs6E4sF0r0WpZmncrbodL8S123s5wy3_cKZNoVpQLHIYHv7JZIuLpPiL-NzQgO86DIFns0J4IL1obSQt9ACiJX4-7L418WGAdGKYMdioB74Ni1ZbIPYmP8rayBj1MK1anw0inwawhSAPjaQdCnAexLt8gH-0nQnZr6uUiwbddyTKdIrdFg6VbzginmtLElThzQamatWu2Ho6QAXccIX5Rikqalw5B1iN78RGglmeUu_arvEOtXrBv4mrI2l2mVovFJuW4&s=1
  17. Ok I guess since my buddy is the Prosper Isd Police Chief he has no clue what he is talking about huh?
  18. A friend of mine is the police chief for Prosper Isd and he said with the move-ins this summer they are over 3,000. I mean either way who cares they have grown a ton lol...
  19. Prosper has over 3,000 in the high school
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