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  1. Game was not clean by any stretch but pretty proud of Melissa considering they played with the 3rd qb and were without there starting runningback tonight.
  2. I just cant see how thats possible.
  3. I only say that because I've never seen a Celina sub varsity team look like that ever. I dont believe Melissa's jv has beaten Celina's since 2016 when Brendon Lewis was a freshman on jv. Im not trying to knock the kids or program, you asked my thoughts lol. Anyways hopefully tonight both teams play well with no injuries.
  4. If the Bobcats are gonna make a run they better do it this year.
  5. Yeah Celina's pipeline isn't very bright based on what I saw. They were very small and lacked skill players.
  6. Think ill go watch the freshmen and jv play tonight.
  7. Your talking about Damon Youngblood, the kid is dynamic he plays safety. He is jacked and for sure the best player on the field. The biggest difference for Melissa this year compared to last year is they wont need to rely on the qb running so much. Brendon was like a 2nd running back playing qb, Melissa actually has more go to players this year compared to last season.
  8. Melissa's 130 yard indoor facility is being built now with the locker rooms and 6200 sq ft weight room. The stadium is coming soon, im not sure on the exact date but its gonna be really nice.
  9. There are people moving into Melissa like crazy. Melissa turned in 971 students on snapshot day and I believe they are close to 1200 students now.
  10. Yall maybe shocked to see what Melissa has this year.
  11. No joke its gonna be brutal.... I'll be there anyways sweating my backside off.
  12. This should be a very entertaining game for all for sure.
  13. Id take that also but Melissa's defense looks very good with good size and a ton of speed. Im not sure Celina will be able to score 35 against Melissa's defense this year. Celina hasnt scored more than 17 points against Melissa in the last two years. Melissa's offense has some big play capability with a ton of weapons. So will see
  14. Good first game for both teams im going with Melissa for the 3rd straight win against the Bobcats... Melissa 35 Celina 21
  15. Its worse than that Melissa is right at 1200 kids in hs.You are correct though, both teams came out healthy and got some work in against another team.
  16. That scrimmage was a whippin, I kinda felt bad for Gunter. I'm glad both teams came out healthy.
  17. My observation with Argyle is you get the same team in game 1 through game 10 or however far they can make it in the playoffs. Argyle seems to peak week 1 and never progresses past that. For instance Argyle beats up on La Vega in pre district then La Vega seems to get better and returns the favor in the playoffs. When Celina and Argyle met up in the playoffs in 2018 Celina probably should have won that game, but in district Argyle throttled Celina. I'm not taking anything away from Argyle because they are really good, but its pretty perplexing to me why they seem to not get better.
  18. Melissa at Celina 8/28 should be a great game to go see. Two top 25 teams in each division. Celina better beat the breaks off PP
  19. Melissa at Celina 8/28 should be a great game to go see. Two top 25 teams in each division.
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