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  1. Argyles online is always huge, I don't get where they get that big of kids year in and year out? I'm pretty excited to see the Argyle Melissa game. Argyle will obviously be the favorite but Melissa seemed to have turned a corner last year in the program. Melissa should have beaten La Vega and would have gotten to rematch Argyle again. That game would have been an awesome game. Melissa was a completely different animal against La Vega. Melissa had a lot of young guys last year that got a ton of playing time that will hopefully translate over to this year.
  2. I say score at will, its the other teams job to stop you. You dont tell back ups not to score they practice and work to during the week and want to be rewarded also.
  3. Celina isn't beating Argyle trust me. Celina's offense is bad, bad and more bad, they have no passing game because the oline is so poor.
  4. By the way this is a top 10 showdown. Argyle #1 Melissa #10. This is the type of game that can propel a program forward with a big signature win.
  5. Agian I dont think this game will be a high scoring game, I dont see either team scoring more than 35 points especially with the weather.
  6. Melissa has built a new high school that they are still currently building onto. They are also building a new 120 yard indoor practice facility that they broke ground on a few weeks ago. In the near future im hearing they are building a 12,000 seat stadium.
  7. With it raining I would bet on a big crowd from Melissa showing up, I could be wrong but last year when we played in Celina it rained and I bet Melissa didnt have 200 people show up.
  8. Melissa's qb has thrown for 1700 yards with 23 tds.
  9. He has thrown for right around 1900 yards with 32 tds
  10. Melissa will have to play mistake free and limit the penalties. Melissa may not have world beaters at wide receiver, but they are very talented and fast. If Melissa can slow down the deep ball from Argyle, I like Melissa's chances at the upset. I don't think this will be a high scoring game like everybody thinks.
  11. That poor #56 the center they moved to guard after halftime was getting blown up all night. He plays so hard, but just has no size. Hopefully the Bobcats can get it figured out before playoffs.
  12. Lol, good analysis though. I was completely shocked that they didn't throw the ball down the field at all and especially to the giant. I mean they could have thrown a few jump balls at least to the kid because Melissa left the db on an island just tempting Celina to pass it. At some point you think one of the coaches would say lets try to at least throw the ball even if your just snapping and throwing it up. Instead they let Point get beat on all night and the kid wont last much longer if they continue to run him into the ground i'm afraid. He held up well during the game, but you could tell by the 4th qt he was exhausted.
  13. In reality Melissa should have put 36 points up on Celina, receiver dropped a wide open pass in the end zone that hit him in the gut lol. Melissa had 507 yards of offense against a really good Celina defense.
  14. Lewis was 7-12 for 115 yards and should have been 9-12 with wide receivers flat dropping the pass one of which was in the end zone that would have been a touchdown that hit the receiver right in the gut. In saying that Celina's defense for the most part played well in the secondary. As for Celina's offense what in the heck are they doing d0tc0m? Im with you, they have a kid 6'7 and never attempt to throw to him, makes no sense to me. Poor Logan Point had to have been exhausted and beat up.
  15. I thought what was impressive is that Melissa didnt need to utilize the pass. They threw the ball enough to keep Celina's defense honest, but honestly Brendon looked like he was toying with Celina's defense. I figured melissa would need to air it out to beat Celina, I never imagined Melissa would rush for 350+ yards.
  16. Unfortunately Melissa is missing 3 starters on defense, two OLB and a DB hence the reason Young is playing defense.
  17. I would definitely take any of these running backs on my team.
  18. By the way just for information Frisco High is ranked #10 this week in 5A Dll
  19. I would agree on all of that except runningback, I lean more toward a push/tie. All runningback in this one are legit.
  20. Just saw Melissa is ranked #10 in 4a Dl
  21. Gotta program lol. They were huge and oline was massive also. The nose guard was the 6'5 320lb kid and just plugged everything up, you couldnt move him. The freakin TE was 6'5 235. Point is they looked like a 6a school and whipped butt lol.
  22. The only team Melissa has had trouble moving the ball against was TC Cedar Hill and admittedly they man handled Melissa's oline like it was nobody's business, but when your starting dline is 6'5 320, 6'6 270, 6'4 205 and 5'10 230 and athletic that might present some issues. Not making excuses because TC Cedar Hill dline was just flat out bigger and better than Melissa's oline.
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