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  1. I think everybody will get a good show.
  2. We can agree to disagree lol, either way it should be a great game.
  3. So let's talk Melissa's losses so far this year. Frisco High a 5a school that's 7-0 and shocking everybody. Melissa lost by 7 points to them and really should have won that game, but shoulda, coulda, woulda right lol. Trinity Christian Cedar Hill, back to back state champs and loaded with D1 players and are huge everywhere. I feel like TC was the better team that night, but nowhere near 41 points better. This was a game that the wheels kinda fell off early and often. Miscues and penalties that you cant have against a team that loaded. They beat Paris, but like Frisco High gave up a lot of points. Melissa has struggled the last few years against teams that run the Wing-T, that's nothing new. Although against Paris it wasnt a grinding game it was quick hitters that went for huge yards. I will agree Melissa's defense is the weak link, but the last few years they have done enough on defense to hold Celina's run game down. I dont think Celina's run game is any better than last years team because I believe Celina's oline was much better last year. I do think Celina's defense is better. Again I think it will be a shootout until the 4th qt and Melissa pulls it out by 14.
  4. Like I said earlier I think Melissa will need to make Watson pass the ball as that has not been Celina's strong suit the last 2 years.
  5. I dont think a lot of people realize, but Melissa got a move in runningback this year Xylon Posey from Denton, he has been tearing it up. So not only do you have Jabray Young to deal with at 5'10 220lbs 4.4 40, then you got Xylon Posey who runs like a kamikaze and makes defenders pay, he is a hard person to bring down. He isnt as big as Young, 5'10 190 at 4.5 40, but he is so hard to tackle.
  6. This game has turned into a nice rivalry game. I think if Melissa's oline can with stand the pressure, Melissa will pick Celina's defense apart. In saying that I think Melissa has to make Celina beat them passing. Celina seems to have found a running game, but the passing game is pretty porous. I think this game will be a shoot out with Melissa winning by 14.
  7. Good job Celina, I wasnt sure they would do well against the speed, but they did. Looks like the wheels have fallen off for Paris.
  8. NL and Sanger need to drop down in the worst of ways.
  9. Saw them on the Thursday night game against Dunbar. The oline isnt near as big as years past. Both Guards and Center are all really short definitely under 5'9. My point is the last 5 or 6 years Celina had o'linemen that were 6'5 300+ lbs, they dont have anybody near that big anymore. I remember in 2015 Celina's oline looked like a college oline and could mash the defense. I just dont see this oline being anywhere close to the ones in years past. Point would have way more offers if he had some of the good Celina olines because the kid is a dynamic back. He reminds me of Steel Ratliff from Brownwood back in I believe 2008. I think Celina has a really good defense, it will be interesting to see how they do against teams that can throw the ball around the field.
  10. I think Paris wins this game again. Celina has a very solid defense like most years, but I think Paris speed will hurt Celina. Paris running back #6 is a burner along with 3 or 4 others, Celina just doesn't have that type of speed. Paris will be the fastest and most physical team Celina has played thus far. Paris defense is really fast and physical and could present an issue for Celina's offensive line. Im not sure where all the big offensive linemen Celina has had all went to, but they are pretty small up front and don't seem to have the ability to mash on the defense like years past. Celina will need to be able to throw the ball and the qb will need to be able to run a lot this week for them to have a shot I believe.
  11. I wouldnt say that virtually ensures them a top 2 finsh in district. Melissa is going to be the x factor watch. Dont be shocked if Melissa doesnt win out in the district. I know thats a bold statement, but Paris seems to have completely woken up Melissa. Lot has changed in the last two weeks in Melissa since the Paris game.
  12. Nope they played great and respectful great win.
  13. I'm really just trying to keep the banter going until Friday. As for Argyle you could be right, but who cares Paris is this week.
  14. Are you God? No your not how can you know such information?
  15. My point is because Paris whipped yall doesnt mean they are gonna beat Melissa. Yall got beat so bad by Paris not because they were so much better, but because yall lack discipline.
  16. Now that you say that he reminds me to of Dwight Smith.
  17. yes he did, he has been in Melissa since 8th grade. Came here 4 years ago.
  18. Seen both Argyle and Carthage play. Argyle isnt beating Carthage.
  19. Your crazy!!! The Argyle game will be a war. Melissa will throttle Celina.
  20. Pretty sure nobody recruited anybody, say that 3 times really fast lol.
  21. Good luck stopping this dude. Nobody has kept him under 150 yards yet. Kid is a beast 5'10 208lbs bench pressed 375 and squat 575 as a sophomore last year. Runs a 4.4 40 and 10.6 100 meters. Has 6 or 7 Dl offers. https://www.hudl.com/video/3/8154142/5ba933c2d226330c7c89217e
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