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  1. Im going with they are probably a dirty team...
  2. Not trying to stir the pot but we have heard the samething. Expect the players from Paris to take cheap shots and play dirty.
  3. lol I see what your saying now Haha.
  4. Im not sure they can Literally do that.
  5. Thats fine you dont have to, but there is a reason these kids are
  6. You have lost your mind just because yall got throttled by Paris because yall are so undisciplined and cant get out of your own way doesnt make Paris some awesome team. I watched your game against Paris and yall are terribly slow, cant block or pass the ball and yall make mistake after mistake. Paris has some speed, but yall made them look a lot faster because of all the mistakes yall make.
  7. I assure you Trinity Christian Cedar Hill is way more physical than Paris, you might want to go and look at all the Dl players they have on both sides of the ball. Two of Trinitys players on defense are 5 star players. Paris will not be near as good or as physical.
  8. I heard Paris is a very dirty team.
  9. Not saying they are, but Melissa is legit.
  10. Nobody overlooking them. They seem to be really good.
  11. I'm telling you guys Melissa is really good and it wont be a close game. I know of 6 Dl kids Trinity Christin Cedar Hill had the other night and I was told they had 15 that Dieon Sanders confirmed. Melissa had numerous chances to win the game but stupid turnovers which is part of the game I know messed that up. As long as Melissa keeps playing solid defense and and limits the turnovers they are going to runaway with this game.
  12. Melissa by 3 TDs. If Melissa's defense plays like they have the last 2 weeks Melissa could make this game ugly for Paris.
  13. Our coaches went and scouted Paris since they are in our district and said they were dirty also.
  14. Very fun game both teams made mistakes but Melissa was able to capitalize more. Good job Whitehouse yall have a really good team who has no quit.
  15. They should be improved on offense with a new qb and last years qb moving to wr and player coming up from a 10-0 jv, but how much improved I'm not sure. It could be difficult for them though because both Melissa and Argyles offenses are better this year. I think Argyles got the best defense and Melissa has the best offense in the district, but every team better bring it because I think those 3 teams can knock each other off. Those 3 games should be a slug fest.
  16. Well if a team uses that Video to scout we are gonna win a title easy lol.
  17. https://www.youtube.com/attribution_link?a=jzCZtA8vdrc&u=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3Dftcmkx9_f3k%26feature%3Dshare
  18. They wanted to meet at a halfway point and Emory was is the halfway point and I believe they play Friday night at home.
  19. I think it will be a very good game though. I think Melissa will have the better offense and WH the better defense. Melissa can put up points in hurry so it could end up being a good ole shoot out.
  20. Im not counting them out, I just dont think they can beat Melissa. I know they have two good wr, but Melissa has more weapons then WH.
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