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  1. Guess no whitehouse fans are on here anymore.
  2. It's not just that team though. Prior to that team Gilmer was always really good.
  3. It's always better when Gilmer is playing at a high level.
  4. Gilmer should win but it will be a game for 3 quarters. Gilmer needs to get back to being Gilmer. It seems like since the 2014 team Gilmers steam has waned. I think losing Traylor has had a lot to do with that. Of course programs come and go and Gilmer has had a great run and is still relevant, but just not the same bux.
  5. This game will be a blowout over by halftime. Not sure why Argyle scheduled this game shouldn't they be playing Allen or Lake Travis?
  6. Melissa will be way more dynamic on offense than Henderson and Chapel Hill.
  7. This should be a fun game with lots of scoring.
  8. Celina was supposed to play Argyle Liberty Christian last night but cancelled do to weather and yet a mile up the road Argyle and LaVega played. How does that happen lol?
  9. From what I'm told they are a little better than last year with a better running game, but not very fast on either side of the ball. They had a really good jv last year going 10-0 with a lot of juniors. I look for them to be improved.
  10. Sounds like there are numerous teams with killer schedules.
  11. Will see, a lot of things have to go right that's for sure.
  12. Still gotta jell together and play the games though.
  13. Lol, well you dont have to fear them... They will however have 4dl college players on offense and at least 2 players that have offers to play dll college football. Then a sophomore who will be a dl college receiver. On defense they have a dl college nose guard that's 6'3 330lbs and with 2 or 3 others that will play dll college football at least.
  14. Argyle will be tough in the trenches like every year. Outside of that they wont have a ton of speed just solid players who play hard and believe in the system. Melissa will be the fastest team in the district with speed everywhere and the best qb, wr and rb. If the oline comes together they will be the hardest team to stop. Defense will be fast, but young and will need to grow up quick.
  15. If Paris can get a decent oline they will be salty I think.
  16. I dont anticipate that there passing game will be all that good. Oline will have size, but probably wont be as good as the olines the last 5 years or so. Defense should be pretty good just no speed on either side of the ball. Celina will have
  17. I seriously think Paris beats Celina this year.
  18. I think the district going into the playoffs will be Melissa Argyle Paris Celina I dont think Celina is a top 20 team.
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