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  1. 28 minutes ago, Eagle8 said:

    Melissa #3 after moving up? Child please.....and Van #4? Lmao....eeewww weeee......folks bout to rip you.

    Why would thet rip me? Its just for fun. I really just went off last years records and what teams have returning. Who would you have in the top 10? I was being a homer with Melissa at number 3, but they will be in the top 10 and won' be shocked if they arnt in the top 5. Melissa returns a ton of starters.

  2. 1 hour ago, tdJesus said:

    No. District of Doom is now 5-4A DI:


    China Spring



    La Vega


    Followed by 7-4A DI:






    North Lamar


    7-4a d1 will have at least 3 top 10 teams and more than likely 2 top 5 teams. Argyle and Melissa. Also Paris will be a top 25 team.

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  3. 47 minutes ago, Leopard4Life said:

    Melissa is about the max (37 sq. miles) and the right shape to create a mega-school.  They could also have a Sr. High campus (3500-4500) for grades 11-12, and a High school campus (additional 3500-4500) for 9-10.  Allen has a Freshman Center and a High School (10-12).   Either model would work.


    There size will depend on their zoning.  How much high density housing and apartments they allow.  Also, businesses will need to move out that way.  I know Amazon has McKinney as a finalist for its new Headquarters.  Melissa will need to zone ahead of time for 1-3 acres to make sure that they get some high end residents to bring the money and tax base.

    They have acre to acre and half lots outside the city in our school dist. 


  4. Melissa is following the Allen model. We will only have one high school which we are building thats four stories and will hold up to 3500 students. From what I've been told the city of Melissa is projected in the next 10 years to be at 100,000 people. Currently the city is around 12,000. Melissa's school district is a little bigger than Allen's, but both city's square miles are about the same at 27 square miles. 

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  5. 4 minutes ago, HawkEye said:

    I expect Melissa do do great with that QB in 4aDiv1.

    he is for real, just needed super big shoulders, he was carrying the team. Enjoyed watching him play. 

    Thanks man. We will be really good next year we return a ton of players and have some good Atheletes coming up to varsity. Wouldn' be surprised to see us in the top 5 in d1 next year with all that we return. 


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  6. So wonder how many excuses PG and all of east Texas will use tonight after Melissa wins. So far it' been the refs fault, players fault, coaches fault, we are having a down year, but a week ago all we heard was how mighty the Buckeyes are and that Buckeye offense can' be stopped. The black flag defense has turned the corner and are back. Buckeyes lose and all excuses come back. Rusk was supposed to be way to fast and athletic well we handled them. Last but no least, Melissa hasn' played anybody, but here we are. So what excuses will we hear after tonight????

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