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  1. 1 hour ago, PGDad said:

    Well, you shouldn't have been calling a kid names and now that you are questioning an admins decision, hope you don't get another timeout.

    Anyway, game day! Hawk Nation is going to show up, be loud, and proud! We've discussed all the x's and o's and the Jimmy's and Joe's but haven't mentioned our 12th man. In every single game (LE is the only exception) our crowd has outnumbered the opposing side in numbers, intensity, and volume. We have caused timeouts, helped with missed field goals, and have created a roar that can be heard for miles around. From what I can tell, the Melissa followers are right up there with us, so it is going to be an intense and crazy game. This won't be a typical game with just the parents of kids and their supporters, people from all over Texas and the surrounding areas are going to show up. I even know a few folks overseas who are going to be listening to this game on the internet radio. Hawk Nation Worldwide!


    You cant stop can you? 

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  2. 52 minutes ago, H3llR4z0r said:

    I have to find a way to get a seat at this game. I've thought and thought about how I'm going to make it. If I can get off early enough Friday, I'll be able to get there 30 minutes before it starts. I don't see there being a seat available though. 

    I wonder if tickets will be sold out? 

    If you will wear a Melissa shirt I'll get you in the game. 

  3. Melissa is a fairly new school opening the high school in 2004. They have had lots of success in football over the years and winning the state title in 2011. Head Coach AD Seth Stint on has been on Melissa I believe since 2008. 2014 and 2015 saw Melissa take a huge nose dive south in football. Last year Melissa got a taste of winning again and made it 2 rounds in the playoffs before Gilmer blew us out of Mesquite Hanby Stadium. This year we have a lot of youth that are stellar Atheletes that have grown up big time and are awesome football players. There is speed all over the field. I was fortunate to get to talk to a few Gilmer folks that are on this site after the game and they all were in awe of how much better and faster Melissa got in 1 year. What I liked hearing the most was them saying we should beat PG and that PG hasn't seen the Atheletes that Melissa has this year. They even went as far to say they believed Melissa to be as good as Carthage this year. 

    So there you are take it for what it's worth. The game still has to be played.

  4. 51 minutes ago, Golfingnut said:

    Red, understand that PG won our district and was head and shoulders above the rest, despite whether a score makes you think the game was close. Gilmer does have a very explosive offense. The problem with the Buckeyes this year is their defense. It has been suspect all year. Toward the end of district it started to gel, so I'm sure going into the game this past week the Gilmer fans were very optimistic that they had turned things around. Thus their confidence. Others, like me, support our district teams in the playoffs, & in the last 16 years I've seen a Buckeye team that pulled victory from defeat many times. They always seemed to find a way. That being said, the Buckeyes didn't win our district, PG did. After seeing PG play I said they had the best defense and were the most balanced team we had faced this year, & we faced some good ones in Carthage and several others from the DOD. 

    I'll be honest, I haven't seen Melissa play this year, & their win over Gilmer to me is impressive, but PG is a different animal defensively than Gilmer. If Melissa pulls off the win, then I have no doubt they can win the state championship. I just have my doubts that they can score enough on that PG defense. 

    Oh, don't be too hard on PGDad. His confidence might sound overboard to y'all but I promise you he has every respect for Melissa. Yes, he is a homer, but aren't we all? He believes in his team as y'all do. Don't read disrespect into his words because it's not there. He is really one of the good guys.

    Good post, but you of all people should know we have gotten no love from east Texas and I get it.  You have read all the post talking about Rusk and Gilmer and how they were going to destroy us and talking all kinds of trash. I have no issue with trash talking, but don't trash talk all week then your team gets beat then not expect to get ribbed about it and cry foul. Thats bs, man up and take it. If your big enough to run your mouth then be man enough to take it on the chin when it doesn't go your way. 

    By the way golfingnut this wasn't directed at you.

  5. 1 hour ago, BuckNut said:

    You are jerk!

    Lol how am I being a jerk? All we Melissa people have heard for over two weeks is how bad we are gonna get neat and we arnt that good and we haven't played anybody nor seen speed like Rusk and Gilmer. Not to mention how many times have people thrown in our face over the last few weeks how Gilmer has beaten Melissa so bad the last few years 178-6. Funny y'all can throw stuff out but you can't take it when your team gets there head beat in. You can take your jerk and shove it... 

  6. 38 minutes ago, Hawkguy888 said:

    Clearly Melissa plays teams with no defense. Just wait til you get a taste of the team speed of PG

    Good gawd I hope your kidding, i don't know how much more of these dumb_ _ _ comments I can handle. Rusk was gonna whip us because they were so fast, had the best runningback in the state and the defense was lock down. Well we beat them. Then Gilmer was gonna destroy us by 30 or 40 because that Gilmer offense was the best most explosive offense in Texas and Poppy Brown is the best qb in Texas since Roger Stabach. Oh and the Black flag defense was back and everything was wonderful in Buckeye land. Well guess what we whipped that poison nut. Now you jackwagons are back at it again only now PG is the best thing since the 92 cowboys. Yall put a new spin on homer


  7. 2 hours ago, 1utexfan said:

    Melissa Quick Stats

    Receiving Yards Per Game 113.3
    Rushing Yards Per Game 144.8
    Total TDs 35
    Tackles Per Game 85.5
    Sacks 15.5
    Interceptions 23


    Balanced but not overwhelming...will not run for 145 yards on PG. 

    Those stats are way way off. Our qb has 3000 yards passing 8 interceptions and 38 tds. Hell the rushing stats are way off also. Both our runningback and qb have over a 1000 yards rushing this year. The math don't add up.

  8. Ok i wasn't gonna say anything, but I'm tired of seeing "Some" Gilmer people saying stuff like we were down this year or this team had lots of issues or blaming the coaches. I've been reading over the last few weeks these same people talking about how much the Buckeyes have jelled together over the last month and the Buckeyes Black flag defense is back and Gilmers offense is as good as ever ect... I had a feeling though and told numerous people this week that if we beat Gilmer watch all the excuses and finger pointing come back and that's exactly what has happend. To be honest you Gilmer fans have generally always been the perfect model of consistancy of great fans, program and always had your team and coaches backs. To be frank you fans should be ashamed of yourself for the way y'all are talking about your players and coaches. Maybe the fact is Gilmer isn't bad at all, maybe other teams are just better this year have y'all ever thought about that?  Maybe games were closer this year in your district games because the teams in your district are really good and maybe even better than in years past. Stop making excuses and pointing fingers and understand that other teams caught up to Gilmer this year. 

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  9. 3 hours ago, H3llR4z0r said:


    The only way PG starts out slow, is if Melissa has someone as disruptive as Celina's #45. I've literally never heard anything from Melissa stating their d-line is amazing, so this could be very interesting.

    PG's #40 will play a huge roll in this game as Melissa tries to pass. He will virtually cut the field in half, because he's so hard to throw past/see through, on top of his pass rush. Reminds me of our #43 Allen we had the past 4 years.

    Our qb is 6'3 shouldn't be a huge problem

  10. 35 minutes ago, H3llR4z0r said:

    Alright RedRed. I stopped by Whataburger and got some extra ketchup so that maybe this crow wouldn't taste so bad. Y'all shocked a lot of folks. Good luck to you guys next week.

    Great season Gilmer. I sure expected to see one heck of a rematch next week. I would say see y'all next year, but if things stay the same, we won't be in the same division/district. Good luck either way. 

    It's all good man it's been fun...

  11. 36 minutes ago, NTXballgamer11 said:

    If we were staying in Division 2 I would agree with you. But being that we are going Division 1, I would like to think we could possibly still be a 3rd round team but that’s bout for as it would go.

    We will be a title contender trust me even in d1. 

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