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  1. Texas AM is not a place you can win a national championship in football 1 or 2 five star players want get it. Better keep what you got are be like them half of horns.
  2. Hey. Lets forget education please we have a new president coming soon. So lets not talk education any fool can see that education is overrated in America..... Money is the driving force.........see mr trumpee.
  3. Well if you want to pay $48.000 a year to send your kid do it....... We can't even keep the best kids in Texas anymore to many mom and pop politics in local towns now. As we await the national championship game tomorrow you'll see two programs that are going different directions than the Texas schools, and if you can place your kid in IMG do it asap he'll get a full ride Texas AM has two recruits for this year, Clemson, and O-State Buckeyes has IMG recruits, were so for behind in Texas its a joke. Lets look at our mess in Texas and fix it and don't worry about Florida High School or Nevada High School sport program. Same old messy Texas #### no wonder schools are waiting to run from Big 12 OUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSooners..........
  4. Ceder Hill talent is on another level and bigger exposure.....
  5. Yeah THEIR always gonna have the bracket in their favor Tenaha that is.....
  6. Centerville and Carlisle best two coaches period then Lovelady-its what you do with WHAT YOU GOT and these two coaches are the best in 2a D1 East Texas.
  7. Better name the stadium Carthage Bulldogs Clutch Time.
  8. Wish Rusk, Alto, San Augustine, Groveton shoot we all want him to be our coach, I've watched coaches that are flat out scared in big games if he was at John Tyler, LP, or Nacogdoches they would be powerhouses plus he has a great great administration and they leave him alone. At some places you get fired if you don't play the bankers son, school boards sons and so on. The first thing is remove politics from it and get support and you are on your way. I almost forgot and know how to coach......
  9. Great job C Dogs. All coaches that wanna win a championship need to attend Surrett coaching class period.
  10. Before he leaves he'll be ran to the ground like gray.
  11. I agree totally with you regarding talent level coming back next year, but I'm talking about the whole picture starting with coaching. Hey man Refugio and Crawford, Mart, Shiner, Mason their on another level. In this region their not many coaches that make second half adjustments and talent wise only San Augustine and Alto have the per capita talent to match up with the mentioned teams above. I believe region 4 will be weaker, but there was 3 teams in region 4 better than Centerville and the other region teams. This might be region 3 best chance to catch region 4 sleeping next year after that I don't know Centerville-needs to have Refugio name on their off season board and the rest of the region 3 teams like Carlisle, Alto, San Augustine, Lovelady, Big Sandy, Cayuga, West Sabine, Joaquin need to follow its time put up or shut up. I do believe Crawford will beat Mart though in SCgame this weekend, but we have to go through region 4 to get there. Centerville- needs to develop more than a run oriented team. San Augustine-needs to understand team first. Lovelady-opening it up more Big Sandy-believe you belong with the Alto's. Alto-simple put your sprint relay on the field all at the same time and found the weak spot on the other team and let the Mack truck go. West Sabine-Become more than a couple of year wonder boys, one year your hear next you gone. Groveton- will they every be Groveton again? 80's 90's most of the names of Thomas, Horace's, Lees, are on teams called Diboll, Corrigan, Lufkin now.
  12. I had a chance to go the battle of the borders this year in Shreveport, La. I spoke with a guy who had a relative playing on IMG he stated that their protecting him from public schools. The reasons were they wanted better coaching and more marketing for their child and him not placed in environment where the guy in the small town couldn't call the shots dealing with their child. I will say this not everyone can fork up the $40.000 plus a year tuition that it costs to attend there. Start early and promote your child at the end remember this when its all said and done the high school coach will need to sign off on it, meaning if you're bad mouthing the coach at your school little johnnie will have a hard time. There is less pressure on the coach at a place like IMG he doesn't have to play a kid that doesn't really need to be on the field or father is on school board. The number one thing to do is protect your child and allow him to make the choices.
  13. Refugio beat Centerville region 3 is soft and my prediction is Crawford will beat Refugio for state.
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