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  1. Like this... Batman, beans, chili = adults talk football for @JohnnyFootball? Yes, now I see how that Aggie education has paid off for you.
  2. Next time hire a decent ball coach and maybe your team will finally live up to its billing. Gotta stop shortchanging them on the pay and you'll get there.
  3. I had to stop at an establishment in Holland a few days ago ... and again overheard a conversation between a few of what I believe were coaches saying once the Hornets take care of Shiner (done), Ganado, and Refugio they are going to give Timpson a real good whoopin'. Couldn't bring myself to say anything to them, just let them enjoy their day.
  4. How do the Aggie faithful put up with getting dooped over and over? I don't care who is covering the ongoing pay to Jimbo, just the thought of an institution of "higher learning" exhibiting such idiocy is so nauseating, I don't know how they can put up with it?
  5. Lorena's strength of schedule looks so much better than Woodville, I think they're likely a heavier favorite than some may think. Only two losses to two quality opponents that are regular contenders in 4AD1, China Spring and La Vega. The did decent with China Spring and played La Vega to the wire. Also with wins over Franklin and Little River looks very good for them. I'm saying Lorena by 21.
  6. Definitely not a funding issue. If I were a betting man I'd wager my right leg that we spend more dollars (inflation adjusted) per student now than we ever have, yet the results are on a downward spiral in too many schools. We've chose to focus on too many things that used to be taken care of by parents in the home and we've also chosen to build extravagant facilities in many districts. IMHO, anything funded by tax dollars should be adequate to meet basic needs. I know this is old school, but old school wasn't 30+ trillion in debt. While that's national debt, it creeps down to every level and many of our districts are in pretty deep debt too.
  7. Looking at these numbers, I give the edge to LRA. I think LRA has played a much tougher schedule that has them better tested and prepared.
  8. Like I just said to bossman, I know Carthage is a superior program and LH was more than fortunate to get that win. All respect to the Dawgs. My annual pokes on Smokey are just for fun. While LH is more competitive than most thought they'd be in 5A with the Slot-T, they could be in for some lean years ahead with a second HS opening next year. Never know how that will impact...
  9. In a rare moment of total transparency, I know Carthage is a far superior program to my humble Liberty Hill Panthers. We were very fortunate to even be in the 2018 game, much less have enough luck to win. Yes, the stars had to align for LH to get that win. They'll likely never play again with the LH area growing, opening a new high school next year with both being 5A forevermore. Also, I'm a Texas High Alum, so I enjoy seeing your coach win all that he can.
  10. That's a 20% increase. Does this mean our property taxes go up 20%? I don't know enough about the system to have an answer to that, but the money has to come from somewhere and my taxes are already too high.
  11. It's all I've got JBizzle. Let me enjoy it. Ring or no ring doesn't matter, 2-0 matters, especially when not given a snowball's chance.
  12. Come on 'cowboy,' lighten up and have a little fun. Still, we both know the head-to-head is what matters. the thread is about preseason matchups and this one was glaringly missing from the long list given by bossman. Dawgs have had enough of the Panthers.
  13. The one matchup that is glaringly missing... Dawgs vs Liberty Hill. (just bc it's no fun watching them get the brakes beat off them by a one dimensional team)
  14. I went to see Refugio play at Lago Vista (LV) when Lago was 2A. At the time that was the worst 2A stands I'd ever seen and I've been to some games in Arkansas, so really not good. LV has since moved up to 4A but you can still see their old stadium and stands on Google Earth. Looks like they're using for Middle School and may have made some improvements. Google Earth
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