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  1. If Bussey has the game of his life, yes. If not, it's a perhaps.
  2. Sitting next to some Wimberley fans before the Franklin game. They say word around town is most don’t think they have much a chance against Carthage because they (Wimberley) don’t run a gimmick offense.
  3. Doesn’t matter. They’ll be back next year and many more times after that, unlike most of the haters. Makes it all the more sweeter.
  4. I’ve been educating @Bear9T1 the entire post season. Guess you picked Hawley too.
  5. So trash the flag as long as you don’t rip off helmets. great choice.
  6. Hawley tossing American flags in a bucket on sideline cautery could be done with more class and etiquette.
  7. Does anyone have Radio Broadcast information? I've searched but cannot locate.
  8. Don't recall admitting that. I'd be interested to see that quote. Might have a revisionist on our hands in @HearEmaGrowlin ? Regardless, gimmick or not as @bansheefan03 prefers to label, surely the great Surratt and 8-time champs could overcome a "gimmick offense." Surely they couldn't fail the test twice against a "gimmick offense." How could that compete with what Carthage puts on the field.
  9. Carthage couldn't and didn't defend. They weren't defeated by a gimmick. It was by a better team. But nice try on that trite argument.
  10. Considering LH won both times, it would appear they know plenty about both. I can still remember the looks on the faces of the Carthage fans and some of the whacky post-game posts.
  11. A delusional statement, but not unexpected. I understand it's tough when you couldn't manage to defeat a team touted as inferior and also knowing you'll never get a chance at redemption. Liberty Hill will forever be 2-0 vs Carthage.
  12. If Wimberley coach was smart, he'd be consulting the Liberty Hill coaching staff.
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