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  1. 2 hours ago, bansheefan03 said:

    If you want to admit it or not it is a gimmick offense designed to help level the playing field against better more athletic teams that wins them alot of games but rarely the big one 

    1 hour ago, HearEmaGrowlin said:

    He’s already admitted that about a month ago in another thread. 

    Don't recall admitting that.  I'd be interested to see that quote.  Might have a revisionist on our hands in @HearEmaGrowlin 🤥 ?  Regardless, gimmick or not as @bansheefan03 prefers to label, surely the great Surratt and 8-time champs could overcome a "gimmick offense."  Surely they couldn't fail the test twice against a "gimmick offense." 

    How could that compete with what Carthage puts on the field.🤪

  2. Just now, mikehoncho said:

    I’ll spare everyone here on this thread, but want to remind you that I Owned you last time you brought that up. Nobody “owns” Carthage.

    A delusional statement, but not unexpected.  I understand it's tough when you couldn't manage to defeat a team touted as inferior and also knowing you'll never get a chance at redemption.  Liberty Hill will forever be 2-0 vs Carthage.

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